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Seattle Pride

Giulio Pellcoolj - Hunk du Jour

Giulio Pellcoolj by Kevin Kauer for Nark Magazine
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Please welcome Giulio Pellcoolj to Hunk du Jour! He is part of the musical group Vintage Youth -- who will be playing Seattle Pride this year.

Giulio Pellcoolj - Hunk du Jour

Giulio Pellcoolj
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Hunk du Jour: What gigs does Vintage Youth have lined up for Pride Season?

Giulio Pellcoolj: We have two appearances coming up for Seattle PrideFest. We'll be part of the Hard Times takeover of the PrideFest DJ Stage and then immediately afterward we head over to the Main stage. I'm very excited to be part of the Hard Times/Qulture Qreative crew and to play alongside DJ L.A. Kendall. We recently played a fashion show fundraiser in support of 3 Dollar Bill Cinema for the Run and Walk with Pride.

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