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Simone Luciolire photographed by Dean Stockings - Hunk du Jour

Photographer Dean Stockings and covermodel Simone Lucioli got caught up in the bitter winter storm last month in London, nearly missing the deadline for the reFRESH magazine cover they were shooting! In this Hunk du Jour exclusive, I asked Dean how the cover ended up coming together:

Dean Stockings: This shoot took place during the week of snow we had in the UK back at the beginning of February. It was due to take place on 2nd, but London, and most of the country, came to a complete stand still... Very frustrating when you have a couple of hot guys lined up for a reFRESH cover shoot! By mid afternoon we realised that there was no way we were going to be able to all get together, either by rail road or air, so we reluctantly postponed. Finally the snow began to melt and we were able to rearrange the shoot for the Wednesday.

As the deadline was Thursday we knew we were cutting it fine, but there was nothing we could do. It still took Simone and Pierpaolo about two hours longer than usual to get here, and Simone had an important client booking for hair and make-up that evening, so we knew we were going to be really pushed for time. We kept in contact via phone, and Simone decided it would be best if they could do their hair and make-up on the train to save time when they got here - luckily that was going to be Simones job all along, so he had everything he needed, and set to on the train in a quiet corner, although several commuters were still giving them funny looks apparently!

As soon as the guys arrived, we rushed down to the studio at the bottom of my garden and got down to getting the desired cover shot. It was very brief, but with some cool underwear and a couple of sizling hot models, it's amazing how little time you need...

Such a great cover -- we would have never guessed about the adventure leading up to it's creation! Special thanks to Dean Stockings for this exclusive insight!

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Pierpaolo and Simone Lucioli photographed by Dean Stockings - Hunk du Jour

James and Harry Nyman - Hunk du Jour

Twin Snow Queens James and Harry appear in reFRESH #53. Photographer Dean Stockings

Alexander Alex Prinz, photographed by Zach Burns - Hunk du Jour

Zach Burns has been a busy man, and we were delighted to see these new photos he just sent over of reFRESH cover model Alex Prinz.

While Zach is still modeling (he just appeared in a 6-page fashion spread for SuperSuper #13), these fantastic shots of Alex show that he is really honing his photography chops.

Check out some of Zach Burns the model on Hunk du Jour, and more of his great photography on his blog.

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Alex Prinz, reFRESH Magazine 52 - Hunk du Jour

Meet Alex Prinz, covermodel for reFRESH Magazine #52. The folks at reFRESH sent over this exclusive photo -- definitely a hunk!

Anthony - Blue Collar in reFRESH Magazine - Hunk du Jour

The fantastic team of Troy Phillips & Akimitsu Sadoi capture another gem in this shoot for reFRESH Magazine. In this month's issue they feature Anthony (among others) in some really gritty, sexy shots -- a shoot titled Blue Collar.

Now, if someone could find an industrial shop staffed entirely by guys as handsome as Anthony -- I might just consider a change of profession. Until then, software engineer and blogger it is... (smile.)

[ Source: Troy Phillips Photography ]

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