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Pushing Daisies

Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies - Hunk du Jour

First off, I love-love-love Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies, and I love Lee so much, I wish I'd gone up to propose when we saw him at the Pushing Daisies Paley Center event this year. (Alas -- I was turning into a pumpkin and my proposal would have been awkward with Doug right there with us.)

Pushing Daisies finally returned yesterday evening -- special bonus? Rooftop bee-saving with Chuck... shirtless?!?

You definitely have to check out the full set at!

Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies - Hunk du Jour

Lee Pace, from Pushing Daisies - Hunk du Jour

I was transfixed during the premiere of Pushing Daisies last night -- the show is just awesome. It was created by Bryan Fuller, who also co-created the series Wonderfalls -- where we were introduced to today's featured man.

Lee Pace plays Ned, a man who discovers as a child a most unusual gift... he can bring the dead back to life with a single touch! But there are unavoidable caveats in place (such as how touching that revived person or thing again will return them - permanently - to rest.) As you can imagine, this causes a wrinkle when he revives his sweetheart with whom he shared his first kiss.

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