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Adrian Bellani, Adonis 2007 finalist and Passions Hunk - Hunk du Jour

We've been covering the Shrine to the Soap Hunks' Adonis 2007 competition for weeks now, and posting results as various sexy soap stars are eliminated from the competition. Well, things got even more fierce there tonight!

During the live results video chat tonight, the folks over at Shrine to the Soap Hunks got a BIG suprise when none other than finalist Adrian Bellani dropped into the video chat room to say hello! With webcam rolling, he said hi to the stunned fans.

The site owner, who goes by the screen name Soapy simply had this to say: "OH MY GOD!!!!"

So, on that note we'll do away with whatever shreds of journalistic integrity and impartiality remain and say... vote for Adrian in the Adonis 2007 finals! If you need any more encouragement, you'll find pages and pages of it after the jump.

Be sure to log in for the finale results at the Shrine to the Soap Hunks' chat room next Wednesday... you never know who might show up next!

Special thanks to for the fantastic images!

Adonis 2007 Week 16 - Hunk du Jour

2007 Adonis Finalists - Hunk du Jour

On this first day of Summer, Adonis 2007 kicks into high gear and begins their round of finals. The playing field is now full of twelve delicious soap stars, and each week one more will be eliminated.

This week the final four "wildcard" picks were announced. Go check them out after the jump, then check out and vote for your favorite finalists at Shrine to the Soap Hunks!

Travis Schuldt - Hunk du Jour

Travis Schuldt plays Keith on NBC's Scrubs. However, he also got a lot of attention when he played Ethan Winthrop on the NBC soap Passions.

Scrubs is funny as hell, and is towards the top of our favorite television shows to watch. After the jump you can see some of Travis' shirtless moments from Scrubs - another great reason to watch.

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