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National Equality March

Gavin Creel by Jenny Anderson - Hunk du Jour

by Jenny Anderson
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Gavin Creel is my boyfriend and doesn't know it... besides the whole "sex on legs" thing, the man is absolutely energized and spreading the word about the October 11th National Equality March this weekend in Washington DC.

Please visit, and today to learn about the march, as well as events in your city if you can't reach Washington DC.

Toby Madigan - Hunk du Jour

Toby Madigan is and up-and-coming recording artist who is getting involved and coming out for marriage equality. His song Stand for Love is one of four finalists in the Equality Song contest for the October 11th National Equality March.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: How big of a culture shock has it been moving from Michigan to Los Angeles?

Toby Madigan: I grew up in Michigan, but I went to high school and college near Toledo, OH, which was a fairly decent-sized city, so I'm not a total country boy, but LA is way different than anything in the Midwest, that's for sure.

Toby Madigan: First of all, we have seasons . . . but who's complaining? It's basically the weather they die for where I am from every day in LA.

Toby Madigan: I would say the biggest cultural shocks were positive ones. There is much more diversity in LA and it seems like a place where everyone is following some kind of dream or passion. Of course, with that comes a little bit of ambition and self-centeredness that you can sometimes run into, but it's much more exciting and much more open-minded.

Toby Madigan: The only thing I miss is the spaciousness and fresh air . . . oh yeah, and the leaves, I love the fall leaves back home . . .

Toby Madigan - Hunk du Jour

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