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Naked for a Cause

Naked for a Cause Calendar, 2008 - Hunk du Jour

Okay, so we've all seen the Naked for a Cause calendar (and some of the finest buttocks we'll lay eyes on all year) but the $64,000 question is... Can you name the charity that it benefits? What cause it supports?

If the answer is no, that's totally OK... it's easy to get distracted with work like this, right?

The 2008 Naked for a Cause calendar benefits the McGrath Foundation. The organization was created by Jane McGrath (and husband, cricketer Glenn McGrath.) Their aim is to increase awareness of breast cancer, as well as work to provide more breast cancer nurses nationally in Australia.

When Jane was going through her second battle with breast cancer, she had access to one of these specialized nurses and learned what a great source of knowledge and support they can be for breast cancer patients. Since then, the foundation has made it one of their primary goals to increase the number of these nurses available.

I just received my copy and have to say -- Pedro's work is amazing and the sheer number of portraits in the book (it really is almost more of a poster book than a calendar) is great. This isn't your grandmother's 12-month calendar of kittens!

So -- go out and buy one of the calendars to support the McGrath Foundation! Click here to see more photos.

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