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Mister International

Mister International - Hunk du Jour

What happens when you get over 30 of the hottest guys on the planet together?

The Mister International Contest will be held November 24, 2008 in Taiwan. Over 30 countries will be present, including Ivan Rusilko from the United States. Each contestant will be judged in three categories: swimwear, evening waer, and interview. Mister International is a fairly new organization, which was founded in 2006, which stands to break the traditional boundaries for pageants.

Currently, it does not look like Mister International 2008 will be broadcast in the United States.

Click here to read about the individual contestants*:
Mister International 2008

*There are some broken links on the official webpage, hopefully someone will fix them.

Read about Mister USA after the jump.

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