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Christopher Meloni - Hunk du Jour

The weather outside in Seattle is absolutely frightful this morning... so I asked the folks on our Facebook page who we could post today that would make all the bad go away. Within five minutes the first suggestion was in: Chris Meloni! So here we are...

Christopher Meloni - Hunk du Jour

Christopher Meloni - Hunk du Jour

Age: 47
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: Washington D.C.

Christopher Meloni didn't break into acting until 1989, already into in 30's. He participated in small roles for a few years, gaining credit for Dinosaurs (1991-1994), NYPD Blue (1996-1997), Oz (1998-2003), and Law & Order:SVU (1999-Present). He has also had some movie credits, most notably in Runaway Bride has Julia Roberts fiance.

Beyond screen credits, Chris started his life as a construction worker, bouncer, bartender, and a personal trainer. His physical jobs have obviously prepared him for hunk status. Nothing is sexier than hard work, confidence, and a great body. We can look forward to seeing Chris in two movies for 2009, The Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Stepfather, as well as his continued role in SVU.

[ Source: SquareHippies ]

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