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Ginch Gonch

Ryan Ford - MMA Fighter and new body of Ginch Gonch Underwear - Hunk du Jour

Ginch Gonch has had a knack for choosing noteworthy models in the past, and their latest pick is bound to cause some excitement around the blogosphere as well. They have tapped Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ryan Ford to be the face (and body) of The Load'N and Dump'N collection.

Ginch Gonch is known for their playful designs that are reminiscent of the undies we wore as youngsters, and during their launch they reveled in tackling what they saw as the "boring" world of men's underwear with their humor and playfulness.

Ryan "The Real Deal" Ford will be the first MMA contender to accept an underwear company's endorsement, but he seems to be taking it all in stride. "I'll knock out anyone who makes fun of me in my Ginch," he said, adding that the briefs remind him "to take at least two moments each day from my rigorous
training and smile. After all, I'm living my childhood dream."

We have a feeling he'll be making his way into the dreams of some new admirers very soon. The Load'N and Dump'N collection will be available for sale to retailers beginning Monday.

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