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Rossif Sutherland - Hunk du Jour

Rossif Sutherland is a television and indie film star, and also an aspiring musician. He starred in the film Poor Boy's Game which is currently doing the festival circuit, and appeared on E.R.

Rossif Sutherland - Hunk du Jour

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Joe Manganiello from Spider-Man, How I Met Your Mother, and various other TV appearances - Hunk du Jour

Name: Joe Manganiello
Relationship Status: Taken
Orientation: Straight
Height / Weight: 6'5" / 225lbs.
Favorite Color: Black

Hi Joe, thanks for talking with us. You've been having a pretty busy month it sounds like! you reprise your role of Flash Thompson in Spider-Man 3, appeared in your fourth episode of How I Met Your Mother, regularly appear on the US telenovella American Heiress, and you appeared in the play Skirts and Flirts last week in New York... WHEW! Did I miss anything?
I just shot the first two episodes for the next season of E.R. where I reprise my role as Officer Litchman... the new love interest of Sam (played by Linda Cardellini) and I just wrapped shooting on the short film Wounded which will hit the festival circuit later this year... So yeah, very busy.

In the first Spider-Man movie, your character of Flash Thompson was the high school jerk -- picking on Peter Parker in hopes of scoring points with MJ. In school were you a Peter Parker or Flash Thompson?
I got picked on a lot in elementary school until my father told me to hit back... I never picked on kids but after that incident, I never let anyone mess with me again... In high school I was the jock that defended the skater kids from the other jocks that picked on them... so I was actually kind of the "Anti-Flash."

When did you start performing -- was it in high school, or did you stumble upon it later in life? What memories do you have of early performance?
We had a TV studio in high school and I would write, produce, and act in movies with my friends... I then auditioned for "Oklahoma" my senior year and got the part of Jud... then I got into CMU and the rest is history!

On How I Met Your Mother you play Brad -- a reoccurring character who is one of Marshall's old law school buddies. Were you originally slated to keep coming back, or did they find an interesting character in Brad they want to keep around?
CBS had originally wanted another actor to play Brad, but the writers and producers convinced them to give me the part instead. I was only slated to shoot one episode, but they liked what I was doing so much that they rewrote the character of Brad in the next episode for me, from there they kept inviting me back for more and giving me funnier stuff to do.

You've been doing a lot of work with other folks involved with HIMYM both in front of and behind the cameras. Have they accepted you into the family, or have you always been friends with the HIMYM crew?
I joke with them that I'm like the low income kid who gets bussed in to go to their high school.

Another performance that cracked me up was as Tori Spelling's love interest in So NoTORIus who was part of a hollywood group (cult? religion?) obsessed with being "Relevant." I imagine you aren't part of a cult... but do you have any personal obsessions that you get teased about?
I can get a little Howard Hughes about germs sometimes... I just got back from New York and touching things like subway rails and then eating can freak me out a little bit.

I mentioned Skirts & Flirts earlier. A play following 15 urbanites and looking at how their lives end up touching each other. (The show made its New York premiere last week.) How did you get involved in the project?
I shot an episode of Jake in Progress with John Stamos a few years back and the casting people recommended me to the writer of Skirts & Flirts, Gloria Calderon Kellett, who then wrote a part for me in her play... it turned out that she was also a writer on How I Met Your Mother.

Your character is Derek Gillespie -- also known as The Chick Magnet. What can you tell us about Derek?
Derek is a personal trainer with some issues... if I tell you anymore it ruins the suprise...

Have you been able to get out and see New York City on your off-hours? Where have been your favorite places to go?
I love walking around and grabbing coffee and sitting in a park and people watching... I love Greenwich Village.

I feel like I've been unable to do all of your appearances justice... I mean, we didn't even speak about Scrubs, CSI, Las Vegas... I'm sure my TiVo would be full if I were to have a wish list set up for your appearances. Is there a particular appearance or performance that you wish people HADN'T have seen or remembered?
No, I'm proud of all of my work.

You're a huge Steelers fan, and listen to some pretty heavy music... what else might people not know about you?
I have horrible eyesight.

And now, our... Random Hunk Questions!

Best City: Los Angeles, New York City, or Pittsburgh?
Pittsburgh will always be my hometown.

Marry, Boff, or Kill: Penelope Cruz, Tina Fey, Jessica Simpson.
Boff 'em all.

Paris Hilton: Go Directly to Jail, or Proceed to Boardwalk?

Better comedy: Friends, Cheers, or Laverne & Shirley

Guilty pleasure:

Thanks, Joe -- it has been a true pleasure!

John Stamos has come a long way since being Uncle Jesse on Full House! - Hunk du Jour

John Stamos has come a long way since being Uncle Jesse on Full House. He's the latest hearthrob doctor that has given ER renewed life in it's latest season. Plus, did you SEE him at the Golden Globes? Sexy John is getting hotter with each passing year!

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Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

Hugh Jackman : Hugh's always on the top of the list no matter what. But this year with the final installment in the X-Men trilogy, the Woody Allen movie where he played the
sexiest yet smarmiest villian, and finally for his brilliant work in "The Prestige", 2006 was a good year.

Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

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