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Eating Out 2

Jim Verraros - Hunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour favorite Jim Verraros has toned up for some sexy new promotional shots for his upcoming CD release, Do Not Disturb.

He mentions on his MySpace blog:

A lot of people have asked me how I changed my body. Well, I'll let you all in on a little secret: there IS NO SECRET. I've been busting my ass for four months in the gym, weight training 6 days a week, increased my protein intake, and slowed down my cardio. There is no pill, no secret workout video or piece of shit machine that I bought on a late night infomercial--- nothing. Just hard work, and diet.

[ Jim Verraros - MySpace Artists Page ]
[ Jim Verraros - Official Site ]

Jim Verraros - Hunk du Jour

Jim Verraros, star of Eating Out 2 - Hunk du Jour

Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking with the adorable Jim Verraros about his American Idol roots, the Eating Out movie franchise, and life in the music business. He was as sweet as he is handsome, and was delightful to talk to.

Read the entire interview after the jump and hear about the inevitable post-Idol crash, being an openly gay artist, the changing importance of music industry labels, seeing yourself onscreen, and how getting back to basics lead to an inspiring discovery about his own voice.

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds is available on DVD beginning today! Go pick up a copy.

Marco Dapper, as photographed by Adam Bouska - Hunk du Jour

After our interview with photographer Adam Bouska we knew we'd have to feature more of his work in the future. We're big fans now! This week he released some photos from a recent shoot with Marco Dapper from Eating Out 2.

Keep an eye out for a 2008 calendar featuring Adam's photography!

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