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Donnie Darko

One thing I love about TiVo is that you can set up actor wish lists -- so my current fixation on Jake Gyllenhaal is rewarded with suprise recordings of Bubble Boy (which we totally saw in theaters, and where my partner Doug totally dibs'd Jake to my then-disbelief) and Donnie Darko... which we watched last night.

It's easy to see why this movie has achieved cult film status... it's so dark, and twisted, and mind-warping. Plus you have that freakin' bunny man (mental note: next viewing is to occur when there's enough time to watch another film before bed). This is definitely one that we'll have to get on DVD so we can get the full effect... without TV edits and Bravo commercial breaks (imagine Project Runway promos interspliced with the bunny man.) Even with the TV edits... Jake was kinda chilling when he'd get that smirk on his face.

Doug's been checking out the official movie site this morning, which seems equally dark and complex.

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