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Tyler Davin - Hunk du Jour

Happy Wendesday! Don't forget that over at the @HunkDuJour Twitter account Hunkologist Steve L is serving up #TightyWhitieWednesday -- a collection of super hot fellas in their skivvies!

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Ryan Greasley - Hunk du Jour

From our friend, Australian photographer Simon Le comes this DNA Magazine coverboy - Ryan Greasley!

After the jump you'll find work from another collaboration of Ryan & Simon (along with their hair & makeup team of Luke Nicholson and Benjamin Zaubzer.)

Thank-you for your support of the site & for sharing the Hunk of the Day with your friends. I hope you're having a great week!

Francis Mossman - Hunk du Jour

Francis Mossman by Luke Austin via Handsome Males
Enlarge Photo

Happy Tuesday! And I'm happily being introduced to Francis Mossman -- a Kiwi (New Zealand) actor. And in my research this morning I had to see him get stabbed this morning... which was a bit of a downer.

Anyway, he's appeared on TV (Spartacus) and a web series in Australia called The Horizon. He also doesn't seem to shy away from showing some skin -- exactly the kind of Hunk du Jour we crave on a Tuesday!

Check out the full photos set, after the jump!

Todd Sanfield - Hunk du Jour

...or at least he's giving us a naked teaser! More on that in a second.

Todd Sanfield has just landed on the cover of DNA Magazine for the FIFTH time, graduated as a doctor of pharmacy, has a killer line of designer underwear, and is taking pre-orders for a second photography book that looks to be another amazing collaboration with Kevin McDermott... Virgin Island. Someone's having a great summer!

An enthusiastic owner of Todd & Kevin's previous book collaboration, Motel Hotel, I immediately pre-ordered my copy (order before July 26th for a signed copy) when I saw the teaser video tweeted by Todd this morning.

Check out the video teaser for the book after the jump, then buy your copy at

Anderson Barbosa - Hunk du Jour

Anderson Barbosa by Ronaldo Gutierrez via DNA Magazine
Enlarge Photo

Good Morning! Cruising toward your weekend, our next stop is with sexy Brazilian model Anderson Barbosa - who we got our first look at this week on the DNA Magazine Blog. He proved to be incredibly popular with you -- gathering up 56% of the votes for Hunk of the Day!

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Alex Prinz as photographed by Dean Stockings - Hunk du Jour

It's a Hunk du Jour dream team on the cover of DNA this month... one of our favorites Alex Prinz appears in a spread by another fave, Dean Stockings! The boys sent me these thoughts about the experience, enjoy!

Dean Stockings: Alex Prinz and I had been aware of each others work from various publications and websites and contacted each other to see how we could work together on a project. Alex had limited time, and I was in the process of renovating a flat, so it was going to be difficult to fit a test shoot in. I then had the idea of actually combining the renovation with the shoot, and working with the mess that was around me at the time, rather than trying to disguise it! Alex had done a bit of decorating himself in the past, so I persuaded him it would be a good idea to give me a hand and do a shoot at the same time. I promised him a few beers and some decent shots in return and so we set a date later the following week.

As you can see, it was a very worthwhile project, and every shot was worthy of going to print. Once the beer started to take effect, Alex peeled off the decorating gear, and it soon turned into a really hot shoot. Once we had sent the images out to try and place them, we realised we were onto something good and had the pick of several magazines who wanted to publish them, but eventually placed them with DNA magazine, and you can see more of the set in issue 111, out now.

Alex Prinz: This was actually my first ever shoot with Dean, and one of my first ever to start my modelling career. Originally it was a test, but we quickly realised that we clicked, and were going to produce some great stuff. We shot it in the summer of 2008 in Dean's house on the south coast of England. First thing with Dean, get the kettle on, shortly followed by music, a brief of what we are trying to create, and then we get down to work. Its really that easy, and it works. Two sessions, two covers (DNA & reFRESH)- I say no more, the man is talented behind the lenses! Dean was renovating at the time of this shoot, so I thought I'd give him a hand, and that became the story of the pictures.

Dean promises that once their hectic schedules clear up a bit, you can expect to see more from this dynamic duo! I know we can't wait!

Check out our previous coverage of Alex Prinz and Dean Stockings for even more!

[ Dean Stockings - Official Site ]
[ Alex Prinz - MySpace ]
[ DNA Magazine ]

Jamie Hanson in DNA Magazine # 106 - Hunk du Jour

Magazine: DNA
Issue: #106
Arrived: October 22, 2008
Love It: The amazing photos of Nick Youngquest by Pedro Virgil, as well as the Jamie Hanson spread by Joseph Sinclair.
Like It: A fantastic guide to finding free and legal music online (including a big shout out to HDJ fave Arjan Writes), and a round of up their favorite MySpace musicians (including recently featured Jay Brannan.)
Leave It: Those briefs on coverman Nick Youngquest need to go...
Question It: The fitness tips in "Pecs Get Sex..." sound basically good -- but the inclusion of a testosterone supplement made that question mark bubble appear over our heads.

Nick Youngquest on the cover of DNA Magazine #106 - Hunk du Jour

UPDATED: Added four more photos.

DNA Magazine Issue #100 - Hunk du Jour

DNA Magazine is a perennial favorite around our house, and the latest issue hit our mailbox on Monday. The cover photo, shot by Pedro Virgil features two sexy Aussie lifeguards in their red speedos. (Unfold the cover and three more join them. Pull out the poster in back and there are two more!)

Peter, Jason, Tom, Liam, Shane, Josh and Rob. - Hunk du Jour

The boys (L to R): Peter, Jason, Tom, Liam, Shane, Josh and Rob.

[ DNA Magazine on Hunk du Jour ]
[ DNA Magazine ]
[ Pedro Virgil Photography (has music) ]

Evan Wade Wadle close-up with water beads on face - Hunk du Jour

by Greg Vaughan
Enlarge Photo

DNA Magazine is reporting today on their blog about the typo that has resonated amongst the gay blogosphere -- even Hunk du Jour was not immune!

Photographer Troy Phillips (previously featured) sent the DNA team a note about the longtime misunderstanding after model Evan Wade won the title of February Mate of the Month. But his note unmasked Evan Wade for who he truly is...


Evan told DNA, "I actually think its pretty funny how my name is mostly misspelled as Evan Wade instead of Evan Wadle, and that somehow I'm from Britain, or that im a trainer in New York City at Equinox Gym." Evan (who is from New Jersey) rolls with the punches and doesn't seem to mind his alias, though he may want to reconsider telling the gay magazine that one of his nicknames from childhood was "The Wad."

[ DNA Mate of the Month: February '08 ]

Evan Wade Wadle close-up with water beads on face - Hunk du Jour

by Greg Vaughan
Enlarge Photo

(Update: Added photo credits.)

 - Hunk du Jour

After the jump is our exclusive interview with upcoming DNA Covermodel Calisto. After pitching the idea while on a gig at New York Pride last year, Calisto heard that they liked the idea (and the photo spread shot by Chris Hager) and that he landed the cover!

 - Hunk du Jour

We initially heard about Calisto after one of our readers, Walter, talked to him at a meet-and-greet at a local bar. Walter was so impressed with how sweet and friendly Calisto was he sent us a note suggesting a feature... and who were we to argue?

After the jump we chat about making it into DNA, the five photographers we should be paying more attention to, and how growing up as a nerdy kid in North Carolina helped him realize he wanted to help troubled teens.

 - Hunk du Jour

Skye Boyland on the cover of DNA Magazine #97 - Hunk du Jour

Stunning model Skye Boyland appears on this month's cover of DNA Magazine. The Australian natural bodybuilder owns up about his workout secrets (two to three hours a day, broken into three sessions!), showing his bum in a photoshoot, and how he feels about gay men ogling him.

[ DNA Magazine #97 ]

Ryan Barry on cover of DNA Magazine - Hunk du Jour

Courtesy Adam Bouska/DNA Magazine for Hunk du Jour

Well, shoot -- looks like Ryan Barry is having the best week ever. Just named the new, um, face of Armani Exchange Underwear -- and simultaneously featured on the cover of DNA Magazine. With a sexy beau by his side, to boot! If he plays his cards right, Ryan may just be accelerating into superstardom for 2008! there anyone else you think is on the brink of greatness?

[ DNA Magazine ]
[ Adam Bouska Photography ]
[ Ryan Barry Fitness ]
[ Ryan Barry - MySpace Profile ]

DNA #95 Model Vincent - Hunk du Jour

Pedro Virgil/DNA

I was coming home on Monday, and got concerned as I was walking towards my mailbox and saw smoke curling out of the keyhole in the box... I opened up the mailbox (smoke pouring from it) and pulled out the contents. "Ah," I thought, "it's just the new issue of DNA Magazine."

Photographer Pedro Virgil took these photos of model Vincent Gough for the magazine on Lake Macquarie. Vincent is a former Irish rugby player (and you know how we love them!) He's in fantastic shape -- and knows how to show off swim trunks.

DNA #95 Model Vincent - Hunk du Jour

Pedro Virgil/DNA

[ DNA Magazine Online ]
[ DNA Magazine Blog ]

Patrick, DNA Covermodel - Hunk du Jour

We just got the hot new issue of Australian import DNA Magazine in the mail, and we're delighted to see the work of Troy Phillips and Akimitsu Sadoi on the cover. They are the photography team who got these fantastic shots of covermodel Patrick -- who is absolutely tantalizing in those 2xist briefs.

I always look forward to this time of the month!

Model Search Winner Dennis on DNA #93 - Hunk du Jour

Issue #93 of DNA Magazine is (hopefully) somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right now, en route to our happy hands in Seattle -- but thankfully e-mail is a lot quicker! Our friends over at DNA sent these advance photos from the issue, including two behind-the-scenes shots you won't find in the magazine!

Model Search Winner Dennis on DNA #93 - Hunk du Jour

To see how Dennis made it onto the cover, check out the DNA Magazine photo galleries of the Search for a DNA Swimsuit Model.

[ Source: DNA Magazine ]

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