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Discovery Channel

Mike Rowe - Hunk du Jour

Age: 47
Height: 6'
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Nobody makes getting dirty look more exciting and hot than Mike Rowe. Before Mike began his work with Dirty Jobs, he actually worked as a host for QVC and sang with the Baltimore Opera. Say What?!? A guy who doesn't mind getting dirty, but will also sell you a ring while singing? Classic.

Interesting Fact: Mike had his choice between hosting Deadliest Catch or Dirty Jobs. He did the first episode of both and was told, "we can't have you telling us stories about six dead fishermen on camera AND making a fart joke with your arm in a cow's ass."

[ Source: squarehippies ]

Bear Grylls Shirtless - Hunk du Jour

Last year, we discussed the super-sexy Bear Grylls, but apparently, we're not the only ones crazy over him... the Discovery Channel (which airs his show Man vs. Wild) posted a YouTube video of him with a... fun soundtrack.

UPDATE: After being available for months, they chose today to make the video private. If only there were some way to search and find similar videos...

Jon Douglas Rainey, 'It Takes a Thief' - Hunk du Jour

Flip over to the Discovery Channel some afternoon, and you might catch Jon Douglas Rainey breaking into somebody's house. Don't worry - it's OK... he's one of the hosts of "It Takes a Thief" -- he (and partner Matt Johnston) used to be burglars, but now, stage burglaries to show homeowners what they're doing wrong (and just how damaging a burglary can be). It might be kind of nice to have Jon drop in sometime...

["It Takes a Thief" at The Discovery Channel]

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