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Rob Marciano - Hunk du Jour

Rob Marciano... Rob, Rob, Rob...

Oh, 'scuse me -- I was just daydreaming a little bit there. Rob Marciano is a weather reporter on CNN, and was one of the CNN team members covering hurricane Katrina. What's remarkable is that, as hot as he is there are really no good photos of him out there on the interwebs or the world wide net!

So, as it is my duty to feature these men we are breaking from tradition and running photos that wouldn't usually meet our standards for "high-quality images." Rob's case, I'm sure you don't mind. In other news, there's a 90% chance of HOT during his five-day forcasts.

DON'T FORGET! You've got just under 33 hours to enter to win two pair of aussieBums in celebration of Australia Day -- just by commenting on yesterday's entry!

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