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Chaos Men

Wayne from Chaos Men - Hunk du Jour

We run the gamut of naughty and nice around here, today we're more on the naughty side. Here are some photos of Wayne from Chaos Men, where Wayne did things that would make a sailor blush.

It's our busy period at work AND finals week, so I'm pretty much brain dead. I'm looking forward to stepping it up a notch next week, though!

[Chaos Men - Caution Not Mom-Safe!]

Jherrad & Rob - Hunk du Jour

As we sometimes do -- a shameless promotion for a site much more naughty than ours. Chaos Men has some fantastic photography by Bryan Ockert, including these photos of Jherrad and Rob.

So for all of y'all who are e-mailing us for "more naked! more naked!" just click on one of the links, like this one and sign up... then come back here for more fun with slightly more clothing. (These are affiliate links, so feel warm and fuzzy knowing that when you sign up there, they kick a few bucks back to us.)

Here at Green Valley Ranch Hunk du Jour we revel in our "Pretty Much Safe For Work" (PMSFW) classification -- but we also know how you boys and girls enjoy sites of the more seedy variety.

Arin from ChaosMen - Hunk du Jour

Arin is from the pages of ChaosMen, which I tout ever so often. This "click with caution" (click with caution) site has videos and photos of various singles & gay-ish duos. (When you sign up Hunk du Jour also gets a small kickback.)

Check out four more photos of Arin stripping down to boxer briefs after the jump. They really are the only photos where he's wearing enough clothing to be featured here. For the others you'll have to sign up for ChaosMen.

Blake - Hunk du Jour

Bryan is such a great photographer, I can't help but feature one of his photos every once in a while. This is Blake -- and Bryan promises that there's plenty more of him to see. This one was really one of the few that still had enough covered for this blog to remain PG-18. Check out Bryan's site, ChaosMen if you're a bad boy or girl. Just don't tell your folks that I introduced you to it...

Gotta jump on the right bandwagons, I guess...

Via Chaos Men (not work safe)

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