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Brokeback Mountain

Musician Rufus Wainwright - Hunk du Jour

Rufus Wainwright is busy-busy-busy promoting his new fifth album, Release the Stars, coming out on May 15. He swung through Seattle (wrapping up a two-night stint at The Triple Door last night) and will premiere his latest video on LOGO Television Friday. He returns to LOGO to host their NewNowNext program on Sunday.

If you local boys and girls missed him at The Triple Door, never fear! He'll be on KEXP today at Noon (04/24/2007 - Noon Seattle Time). Listen online at

[ rufus wainwright official site ]

For the final installment of Who We're Thankful For, I focus on some of the hunky actors that I have been particularly thankful for in 2006.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Hunk du Jour

Jake Gyllenhaal : While Brokeback Mountain first hit the states in late 2005, Jake has been enjoying a steady stream of press and attention. Latest rumors have him hanging out a lot with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey and possibly working on an Armstrong biopic. He also won an MTV Movie Award for best kiss in Brokeback Mountain.

Fausto & Miss Ronnie over at the Feast of Fools played a "rainy day" episode today (they'd taped it in advance, they're en route to New York City -- Mark was chiming in now and then) in which Fausto asked... What Would Jake Gyllenhaal Do?

Who knows... but he can do it at my place anytime!

Well, I finally saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday with a couple friends. (Don't bother trying to take my gay card away -- I ran it through the washing machine in 2002 and haven't been the same since.) Even with the incredible hype surrounding the film I was able to go into it fairly open minded.

The film kinda crept up on me as far as emotional investment... I might have been a bit guarded at the beginning, but by the end I was aware of the weight of the story on me -- like I could feel the oppression and guarded emotion. Even thinking back on it now is kinda getting me to that place again...

Anyway, BEAUTIFUL film -- it will be definitely going on my wish list for my DVD collection.

Towleroad Brokeback Coverage

Jake Gyllenhaal is hot stuff this Christmas... really, the man can do no wrong. Whether he's grinding in a santa g-string or mackin' on gay cowboys he's what Christmas dreams are made of.

Thank you, Jake Gyllenhaal, for making our silent nights a little sweeter. We salute you. :)

Update: Read how Jason kept bumping into Jake at Jason's Room via HomoMojo.

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