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Broadway Bares

I managed to grab a few moments from actor, dancer, model, and Instagram celebrity Mark MacKillop to chat about life and his October 18th show in Los Angeles at Rockwell Table & Stage!

Oh, and it's also his birthday (October 13th), so go flood his social media accounts with birthday wishes for me.

Mark MacKillop - Hunk du Jour

Mark MacKillop
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Chris, Hunk du Jour What can people expect from the show this weekend?

Mark MacKillop People can expect to come to the show and be entertained! I don't even know all of what is going to happen. I have new special guests Drew Droege and Alex Newell joining me so I have no clue what they are bringing to to the table this time... but I know it will be hilarious.

Chris, Hunk du Jour So, expect the unexpected? :)

Mark MacKillop Always - It's a live show, anything can happen.

Mark MacKillop - Hunk du Jour

Mark MacKillop
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Chris, Hunk du Jour I think if there is a "best undressed man in showbiz" award you deserve the win... Have you narrowed down your costume choices for the show? Do you need any help choosing from our readers?

So I have a little love affair with the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful" already, but any adoration I had for it before is only solidified and intensified by this KILLER lip sync video from the cast and crew of Anything Goes on Broadway.

Stephanie J. Block saying I'm beautiful and blowing me a kiss around the 1:00 minute mark grabbed me, and then Brandon Rubendall dancing around in the shower hit it home of course. Next show I work on, our company is doing one of these.

You can find Stephanie on Twitter @stephaniejblock, Brandon @brubendall, and of course Hunk du Jour @HunkDuJour! Please follow and retweet the good stuff.

Mo Brady - Hunk du Jour

Sunday at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS will once again mount their much-anticipated production each year... Broadway Bares!

This year, we are throwing our weight behind a hometown favorite who is now in the New York theater community, Mo Brady! Join Hunk du Jour and support Mo Brady and BC/EFA with a donation!

As a show of thanks for extraordinary support for Mo and BROADWAY CARES, Mo will send everyone donating over $100 a signed photograph from the entire cast of his number! Donate $500 or more and there is a fabulous and personal surprise that awaits you... but you'll have to make the donation to find out exactly what.

Even if you don't throw a benjamin into Mo's virtual briefs, donors of any amount will get a fantastic high-resolution copy of the image below of Mo & his crew. Forward your donation confirmation e-mail to and it is yours!

Click here to donate.

Mo Brady - Hunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour: For the two or three readers out there who have never heard of BROADWAY BARES give us the low-down... what is BROADWAY BARES all about?

Mo Brady: BROADWAY BARES is one of the biggest yearly fundraisers for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA). The show is like Broadway's version of a Burlesque show, with over 200 of the New York theatre communities fiercest performers strutting their stuff, and all the proceeds going to BC/EFA.

MB: Each year, the show revolves around a theme. And this year, BROADWAY BARES: MASTERPIECE is a strip show centered around great works of art. On June 19, two fun and crazy performances will be given for thousands at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. I am told that the shows always sell out, so people should get tickets early!

Chase - Hunk du Jour

Signing songs from Britney and Gaga, Chase originally caught our eye with his outstanding versions of music videos where he both dances and interprets the songs in sign langugage. Since then he was featured in last year's Broadway Bares show, and now he's getting his own music off the ground!

Chase will perform in Times Square this Sunday at 8:00PM, so get tickets and more information.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: Hey Chase, welcome back to Hunk du Jour! So I hear that you've been up to a lot since we last chatted, so it's time to settle in and get the scoop! The hunk-lovers out there probably remember you best as "that sign language music video guy!"

Chase: Thank you, Chris! Haha, that's true. It's become my middle name.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: And names are something that might be tough for people to keep track of for you as well... since your YouTube channel has since been through a few of them. Where can folks find your YouTube channel now?

Chase: Oh, man. You're telling me. To make it easiest, they can go to, there is a video section that holds all of them! It's even broken into segments, singing and signing.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: Hehe - so whatever the channel name of the week is, we can find you there! From your YouTube roots you are starting to branch out in a few new directions too -- including a little project around this time last year called Broadway Bares?

Chase: Yeah, Broadway Bares was great. I was in a number called Football Fantasy. All the money goes to HIV/AIDS research. It was a lot of fun dancing with the guys, being on stage with them, and for such a good cause.

Chase - Hunk du Jour

Daniel Robinson, director of Broadway Bares Documentary - Hunk du Jour

The time has come... Broadway Bares is among us once again! Daniel Robinson has been tapped to direct the Broadway Bares documentary celebrating the event's 20 years.

In addition to making a donation for your favorite Broadway Bares stripper, they are seeking some donations to help cover the costs of making the documentary. You can donate at

Broadway Bares is one of the sexiest, wildest nights of the theatre year. But it's also a fundraising powerhouse for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS - having raised over six million dollars since its first performance in 1991. The brainchild of choreographer/director Jerry Mitchell--one of the creative forces behind Hairspray, The Full Monty, and Legally Blonde--Broadway Bares is an amazing humanitarian and financial achievement whose audience and influence grow every year. It represents the hard work (and harder bodies) of hundreds of working professionals, who volunteer their time and talents to make this show a success.

Daniel Robinson, director of Broadway Bares Documentary - Hunk du Jour

Special Bonus after the jump... a video of GLEE's Matthew Morrison shaking his stuff at a past Broadway Bares event!

Do you have a favorite Broadway Bares stripping fundraiser? Post a comment on this entry with a link to their page!

[ Broadway Bares - Official Site ]
[ Broadway Bares Documentary - Official Site ]

Joe Aaron Reid - Hunk du Jour

Full Name: Joseph Aaron Reid
Age: 26
Hometown: Greece, NY
Current City: New York, NY
Height/Weight: 6'3" / 190 lbs.
Occupation: Actor

Join us for a chat with Joe Aaron Reid, currently starring in the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of On the Town!

Matt Owen, Joe Aaron Reid, and Greg McCormick Allan - Hunk du Jour

by Curt Doughty
Enlarge Photo

Broadway Bares XVII Participant - Hunk du Jour

Last weekend Broadway Bares XVII raised an amazing $743,787 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

There were over 5,500 tickets sold to the two performances, with nearly 250 participants in the show! Not pictured: the 10 nearly-naked waiters working in the VIP section. How do we get in THERE?

The evening was capped off with a donation from M·A·C AIDS Fund of $115,000!

The first Broadway Bares performance (if you could even call it that) back in 1991 raised $8,000. Jerry Mitchell and six friends basically stripped at a bar in Chelsea for charity. Since then, the annual even has brought in a total of $4.8 MILLION DOLLARS for BC/EFA and their supported organizations.

This event is a major fundraiser for them, and if you feel guilty at all about viewing photos from the event without attending then you should definitely donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Broadway Bares XVII Participant - Hunk du Jour

[ Source: Boys in the Sun ]
[ Donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS ]

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