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Blood Ties

Kyle Schmid, from Blood Ties - Hunk du Jour

Kyle Schmid stars in Blood Ties, a new Lifetime series in which he plays a present-day vampire (Henry Fitzroy) who helps a private investigator (Vicki Nelson) solve cases. The cases (of course) end up involving ghosts, the occult, and other things supernatural.

The show is an interesting cross between crime drama and thriller, with Kyle adding a fantastic smoldering prescence to each scene he's in. The show excels when poking around the creepy and thrilling -- where it faulters is in it's criminal process scenes. (There are times when Vicki is getting chewed out by the police chief that are nearly unbearable. Yeah, yeah... we get it. Vicky's the bad girl who doesn't play by the rules.)

I'm going to keep watching, as it's a nice change from the other crime dramas out there. However, I'm not sure how much of a shelf-life this one has before having to resort to storylines that are even too out-there to fit into the original premise.

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