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 - Hunk du Jour London shoppers hardly put up a fight yesterday when faced with this invasion crew -- the aussieBum boys took over the men's underwear department in Selfridges on Oxford Street showing off their new day-of-the-week undies. While the calendar may have said Thursday, I'm sure many shoppers were more excited by Mr. Friday. [ aussieBum- Official Site ]  - Hunk du Jour

Matthew Wilson - Hunk du Jour

Australia's Hottest Tradie, Matthew Wilson, has been tapped to wear the pants of one of Australia's other hottest assets, aussieBum. He fills out their new line quite well.

Matthew Wilson - Hunk du Jour

aussieBum Model in Lightning Underwear - Hunk du Jour

Santa came early to Seattle, by way of Australia. We got a preview copy of aussieBum's latest marketing ploy... and damn if they didn't go all genius on us again. Folks dropping AUS $100 on their site will be getting a copy of a promo DVD called "The story so far..." -- Volume One.

The DVD combines a lot of footage we've already seen in the various YouTube videos that have appeared over the last few years into a sleek video package. The movie is combined with a slideshow, behind the scenes moments, and a password-protected "vault" with content most likely not suitable for some audiences.

The aussieBum crew is a crazy, cheeky bunch... asking men on the street to swap undies with them there on the spot, going out to crazy locations risking arrest or injury, and hiring only the hottest models to be ogled by them and their shoppers.

Anyway -- thanks for the DVD, aussieBum! I still think you guys have the best jobs in the world. (Hunk du Jour editor is a close second, though!)

Full Disclosure: We received an unsolicited promotional item related to this entry, but only posted about it because we thought it was pretty awesome. Hunk du Jour has a disclosure policy.

aussieBum Bamboo Underwear Line - Hunk du Jour

aussieBum's latest product line has hit the storefront! Their Bamboo line is available today in "glacier, pearl and ash" but they promise more colorful options soon. Bamboo is seen as a more eco-friendly material due to its very rapid growth rate of the plant and general lack of need for pesticides.

Whatever the environmental impact, the new line looks hot -- much sexier than the bamboo flooring we installed!

Check out seven more photos by clicking here or reading the full entry!

[ aussieBum ausLife - Bamboo ]
[ aussieBum ]

The good folks at aussieBum have given us an early Valentine's Day present. Can't wait to unwrap him... er... it?

aussieBum Christmas - Hunk du Jour

Courtesy aussieBum for Hunk du Jour

It's around 70 degrees in Sydney, Australia today. The good folks across the pacific at aussieBum were nice enough to send along these photos to remind us of warmer days. (Uh, I want one of THOSE for Christmas!)

aussieBum Christmas - Hunk du Jour

Courtesy aussieBum for Hunk du Jour

aussieBum Christmas - Hunk du Jour

Courtesy aussieBum for Hunk du Jour

aussieBum continues their quest of spreading their fantastic underwear and swimwear all over the world via their AUSBUM TV project. The series (posted regularly at AUSBUM.TV, as well as via podcast) generally shows some of the behind-the-scenes adventures and hijinks of their shoots in the Australian wilderness.

The scenery is as beautiful as the men they feature -- and makes me want to schedule a trip. Do you think they'd let me tag along for a shoot or two??

Check out episodes two through four after the jump, as well as a bonus behind-the-scenes clip from Steph & Alek over at Oh La La Paris -- they've recently shot for aussieBum too!

aussieBum Contest - Hunk du Jour


As you know, we have a penchant for aussieBum here at Hunk du Jour. In honor of Australia Day on January 26th, we're giving away two pairs of aussieBum underwear! That's right, we're dipping into the Hunk du Jour piggy bank to buy you some new skivvies!

What could we possibly ask for in return? Well all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this message finishing the sentence:

What I like most about Hunk du Jour is...

...that's it! Make sure you enter your e-mail address where prompted (so we know how to reach you and tell you that you've won) and tell your friends to enter also.

Be creative, we'd love to hear what you have to say! How is our selection of hunks? Do you read our RSS feed? How is the ad-to-content ratio? Is there anything we can do better?

We will randomly select the name of a person from the folks who comment on this entry to win two pair of underwear to be shipped (with love) directly from sunny Australia. See complete details after the jump.

aussieBum Contest - Hunk du Jour

aussieBum themselves are joining in on the festivities and donating the prize! How fantastic is that? Thanks, aussieBum!!

We'll take our prize budget and lock it back up in the Hunk du Jour piggy bank vault, in preparation for a brand-new contest to be announced next month... stay tuned!

Gold Classic aussieBum Trunks - Hunk du Jour

While we're suffering through a grueling winter in the states, Australia is basking in the summer sun. Our friends at aussieBum have captured that sunshine in a classic trunk of gold!

So, I'm kinda going nuts over my new 80 Gig Video iPod... like, staying up late gathering new video clips and pouring for hours over the iTunes store making my wish list. Australian swimwear company aussieBum has a video podcast -- a few clicks and suddenly I had a bunch of clips from them on my iPod... (perfect for those long lunch breaks in the park!)

Turns out their videos are available on Google Video too, so you can get a little preview before you subscribe to the video podcast.

So far this company has been able to do no wrong with me... great products, great website, great culture. What's reassuring is that as we're now moving into the darker, wetter days in Seattle -- Australia is just heating up for the season!

9 More Videos after the Jump.

aussieBum's latest model, Broome - Hunk du Jour

aussieBum gives us a peek behind the scenes at a photo shoot with their latest model, Broome. Don't forget to also sign up for their new RSS feed.

Behind the scenes with aussieBum - Hunk du Jour

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