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30 Rock

Cheyenne Jackson - Hunk du Jour Caught these three photos from OUT Magazine of the one-and-only Cheyenne Jackson, who continues to enjoy ongoing success. He will be appearing in this Thursday's LIVE episode of 30 Rock, which I am incredibly excited about. The cast will perform the episode twice, too -- so that the West Coast doesn't get the usual "live broadcast" shafting we usually do. (Watch the web on Friday for side-by-side comparison videos on YouTube, naturally.)

Cheyenne Jackson, now starring in Finians Rainbow - Hunk du Jour

Cheyenne Jackson is back on the Broadway stage again, this time starring in Finian's Rainbow at the St. James Theatre. In an interview with OUT's Michael Musto Cheyenne tells us that one part of his agreement to do Finian's Rainbow was the flexibility to take time for other projects as well. This is why he will also be appearing on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

Fans of Cheyenne and Fox's mega-hit show Glee probably share in the disappointment that he was unable to film his much-anticipated episode of the series. Cheyenne reports of the experience on his web site, saying "I was cast in an episode of GLEE in a part thought of specifically for me, and was thrilled. They flew me out to LA to film, and...I got the flu, had a fever of 103, and couldn't shoot." They quickly recast, but Cheyenne hopes to be back for another chance with Glee.

If that isn't enough excitement and activity for you, Cheyenne releases his CD with Michael Feinstein tomorrow! Their jazzy CD, The Power of Two has been available for pre-order on and will release on the iTunes Music Store tomorrow.

[ Cheyenne Jackson - Official Site ]
[ Finian's Rainbow - Official Site ]

Val Emmich, Singer - Hunk du Jour

Val Emmich is a musician, but he first reached our eyes when he played Jamie the Coffee Guy on 30 Rock -- our favorite show on television. (You can watch the entire episode after the jump, courtesy of Hulu.) Val also just picked up an Independent Music Award for his video The Only One Lonely, featuring him playing with some unlikely bandmates on some orange shag carpet.

Val Emmich, Singer - Hunk du Jour

[ Val Emmich - Official Site ]
[ Val Emmich - MySpace Artists Profile ]

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