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So on Wednesday I shared the video from the cast & crew of Anything Goes where they covered One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful.

I'm a little late to the party -- but today is gonna be Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" day! First up is the original music video - featuring shirtless lawn care, car washes, of course a twist.

After the Jump: sexy shirtless gay boys, college baseball players, wacky high schoolers, and links to even more versions!

The first response video I remember running across is this one -- the WeHo Queens Remix. It was done in kinda a "photo booth" style with some sexy men and fabulous ladies giving us their best moves and lip sync.

Next up was the Harvard baseball boys performing some fun (though not very inspired) choreography while traveling in the team van. Cute guys, for sure -- but seems like all but a few are phoning in the performance... those couple that are really into it make the video.

Watch for the classic "straight boy lower lip bite" move - that actually does make me swoon a little.

This morning I saw a new version on Towleroad - pretty high on the shirtless factor, but damn these guys are YOUNG. Please only swoon for them if you are under the legal drinking age. Thanks.

There are plenty of other versions out there too... popular YouTube cover artist Sam Tsui delivers a down-tempo version, some ladies show those baseball boys what they've got in the SMU Women's Rowing video, Katy Perry and her buddies lip sync by the pool, and some Aussie blokes completely rewrite it -- complete with subtitles for us yanks who might not understanding.

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