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As a fashion stylist I spend a lot of time watching & dressing celebrities. It's all research;, magazines, red carpets, TV shows, and movies. Some stars are more stylish than others, bringing a swagger to their roles that sets them apart and keeps us watching... and drooling. Here are the 5 stars that I think are the best dressed men on TV:

Matthew Morrison - Hunk du Jour

#5 Matthew Morrison, Will Schuester - Glee. Matthew's Will Schuester makes preppy look easy & mixes it with a dash of hip! Look for cashmere sweaters & vests layered over collared shirts with loose ties, boot cut jeans & a leather jacket tossed over it all to edge it up.

Jeffrey Donovan - Hunk du Jour

#4 Jeffrey Donovan, Michael Westen - Burn Notice. Jeffrey has made a career out of playing complicated, sexy characters and his Michael Westen is no departure. As a 'burned' spy turned do-gooder constantly on the run from bad guys, Michael is like MacGuyvr meets Bond meets Sonny Crockett. His style is a mod mix of Miami pastels, hip, tailored suits, fitted polos that show every muscle, and the best (luckiest!) trousers on TV.

Anderson Cooper - Hunk du Jour

#3 Anderson Cooper - Anderson Cooper 360. There are hottie talking heads (Brian Williams, Stone Phillips, Tucker Carlson) and then there is Anderson. Anderson has a great face that communicates emotion, humor, and sadness. He looks great in a blazer grilling idiots on topics du jour. But I think Anderson looks best when he's in the field in a tight polo, t-shirt or shirt sleeve rolled showing those awesome arms.

Scott Caan - Hunk du Jour

#2 Scott Caan, Danny 'Danno' Williams - Hawaii Five-O. Scott is hot. Brutally hot. Almost a thug. A man's man. On Hawaii Five-O he's the straight laced cop that takes his job uber-seriously. So instead of frolicking in the surf in board shorts or a Speedo, he wears lean, flat fronts (what an ass) and tailored shirts (that are bursting at the seams) with ties. Please Scott put on a Speedo!

Matt Bomer - Hunk du Jour

#1 Matt Bomer, Neal Caffrey - White Collar. As if from out of nowhere Matt Bomer is everywhere. With a face and body to die for Matt has made White Collar, a show about a globe-trotting, art thief and con artist, turned FBI agent, the number one show on USA. Matt wears clothes like a male model. His style is dressed up natty with a shot of urban cool. Think a young, modern (gay) James Bond.

Matt Bomer - Hunk du Jour

Guest Hunkologist Marcellas Reynolds is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles, a Hunk of the Day alumnus, and a Twitter legend (@marqueemarc)!

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