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Name: Daniel Villa
Age: 25
Height/Weight: 6'0 170
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Current Location: New York, NY

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: Where did you grow up? What kind of things did you like to do when you are younger?

Daniel Villa: I grew up in Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia. I had a very active childhood. My dad was a race car driver so I grew up on a race track. I became a BMX Racer at 5 years old, then I started doing motocross and Kart racing. I played soccer, went rollerblading, Rock climbing, running... I never stopped. I was very hyper and I had an amazing group of friends.

 - Hunk du Jour

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How long have you been modeling? How long have you been acting?

Daniel Villa: I been modeling for 5 years and I started acting when I was 9 years old.

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How did you get started? What was your first gig?

Daniel Villa: My first gig was a huge cookie commercial that played all over South America and Central America, I was 9 years old and I booked the principal role, which was incredible since it was my first audition.

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How is filming a telenovela different from shooting a film?

Daniel Villa: First, when I shoot a telenovela I have to speak Spanish and when shooting a film I have to speak English.... the story line in a telenovela is usually more dramatic then when you work on film, when you work on a telenovela the pace is faster also.

 - Hunk du Jour

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: What special skills from your life are you able to bring to your work as an actor/model?

Daniel Villa: I was a Competitive speed skater for many years, so I'm very disciplined and hard working. The work ethic I developed as a competitive athlete has helped me a lot in many aspects of my life.

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How did you like shooting with Rick Day? What was your experience?

Daniel Villa: Shooting with Rick was a lot of fun, he is an insanely talented individual! When you work with him, he makes you feel very comfortable. He really knows how to make you look your best, and I'm very happy how the images came out.

 - Hunk du Jour

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How do you continue to try to stretch your boundaries as an artist?

Daniel Villa: I keep training my instrument and learning new things everyday. I think as an artist you have to keep an open mind and always be willing to learn new things and try new things, those new experiences help us grow.

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: How will you measure your successes? How will you know that you're progressing over the next chapter of your career?

Daniel Villa: Honestly I feel very fortunate to be doing what i love for a living! that's already a big success for me! Career wise I would say I'm looking forward to being part of a Big Motion Picture or a Successful TV series... I guess we'll have to wait and see what the future has in store for me.

 - Hunk du Jour

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: What drives you to be the best you can be... WHY are you doing all of this?

Daniel Villa: I think is a mixture of loving what i do and being very competitive with myself, I do it because I have a passion for it and it brings joy into my life... I'm pursuing my dreams.

Christopher, Lead Hunkologist: What do you look for in a partner? What can someone do to catch Daniel Villa's eye?

Daniel Villa: I'm very attracted when someone is confident with who they are, when a person always sees the brighter things in life, someone that has passion for something, and a positive mentality. Someone driven is always attractive.

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