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Joe Aaron Reid - Hunk du Jour

Full Name: Joseph Aaron Reid
Age: 26
Hometown: Greece, NY
Current City: New York, NY
Height/Weight: 6'3" / 190 lbs.
Occupation: Actor

Join us for a chat with Joe Aaron Reid, currently starring in the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of On the Town!

Matt Owen, Joe Aaron Reid, and Greg McCormick Allan - Hunk du Jour

by Curt Doughty
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Chris M, Hunkologist: Tell us about the premise of the show, and how your character fits into it.

Joe Aaron Reid: On The Town is about three sailors in the Navy on a 24-hour shore leave in New York City during WWII. Because they are being shipped off to war, they are trying to fit a lifetime of excitement into one day. One sailor desperately wants to see the sights while another wants to meet some New York City glamour girls. I play Gabey, the naive, young lover who turns the city upside down looking for his one true love, Ivy Smith.

Chris M, Hunkologist: How did you get involved in the production? How long have you been working on it?

Joe Aaron Reid:Funny enough, I was actually fortunate enough to see the earlier incarnation of On The Town at Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey back in November. A couple months later, I was being called in to audition for it. The audition process was only two days long, and at the end of my audition they were nice enough to call me back in the room and let me know I got the job. I flew to Seattle March 12 and began rehearsals the next day.

Chris M, Hunkologist: Many people don't realize how much work goes into productions like "On The Town" -- what was the rehearsal process like?

Joe Aaron Reid: Although I have had many rehearsal processes that have lasted longer, I can't remember any of them being harder. Rehearsals go from 10am-6pm, six days a week. For the last 4 weeks or so we began everyday with ballet class. After class it was on to any number of things. Whether it was staging a scene, working songs or learning one of the many ballets, there was always something to be done. Playing Gabey, I often times was one of the first ones in and the last ones to leave. Thanks to the jacuzzi bathtubs at Homewood Suites, I made it through.

Chris M, Hunkologist: What is your favorite part of the show? What do you look forward to every night?

Joe Aaron Reid: My favorite part of the show is our very first entrance, singing "New York, New York". It takes me back to the first time I went to New York, and how amazing it was. It's total sensory overload. I look forward to reliving that every night. Oh...and I think the dinosaur is pretty rad too.

Chris M, Hunkologist: Who is the funniest person in the cast to work with? Who do you have to watch out for so that you don't crack up on stage?

Joe Aaron Reid: Well, this is a tough one, because we've got some amazingly funny people in the show. A few that come to mind are Rich Gray, Suzy Hunt, Sara Rudinoff, etc. All very funny, for very different reasons. The one who I have to watch out for the most onstage is Suzy. She can do the slightest thing, and all of a sudden I'm smiling or giggling. Professional, I know.

Chris M, Hunkologist: What do you do each night before the curtain goes up to prepare?

Joe Aaron Reid: Well, it being so early into performances, it's hard to say, but what I do normally do everyday is eat a relatively light meal, and do physical and vocal warm-up. I like to warm-up my voice in the shower...everyone sounds better in the bathroom :-)

Chris M, Hunkologist: What do you do each night after the curtain falls?

Joe Aaron Reid: Eat. I burn so many calories doing the show, I crave food. Palomino's pizza or Purple's lobster mac-n-cheese tend to hit the spot.

Chris M, Hunkologist: Give us your best sales pitch... why should we come and see On the Town at the 5th Avenue Theatre?

Joe Aaron Reid: If you like to laugh, come see On The Town at the 5th Avenue Theatre.
If you like men in uniform, come see On The Town at the 5th Avenue Theatre.
If you like a night out on the town, come see On The Town at the 5th Avenue Theatre.
If you don't like any of these things, seek professional help.

See Joe in On the Town at the 5th Avenue Theatre, running now through May 2nd, 2010!

Joe Aaron Reid - Hunk du Jour

Joe Aaron Reid - Hunk du Jour

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