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'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Name: Tony Tahoe
Age: 22
Stats: 6' / 165#
Status: In a Long-Term Relationsihp
Occupation: College Student / PolySci Major

If Tony looks familiar, it's because he was featured last Friday as one of our Hot Guys From The Price is Right! He was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about being on the show -- as well as his other TV obsession, and his ultimate relaxation spot.

Troy, Hunkologist: We'll get to the school stuff / BF / hobbies / etc. stuff in a sec - first - OMG - you were on TPiR. How did that come about?
Tony Tahoe: Well, I've been watching the show since I was born, practically. My grandmother lived with us when I was growing up, and my brother and I would fake being sick so we could stay home and watch it with her.

We had a couple of days off of school in December, so my roommate and I decided to get tickets to a taping.

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: So, theme song, Rich Fields says "Anthony Tahoe, Come On Down!" First thought?
Tony Tahoe: First thought was: "Who's Anthony Tahoe?" because I haven't gone by Anthony since 3rd grade! (Ed.: The show calls people to "come on down" based on the legal name on their driver's license.) When I realized it was me, though, it was just a stTahoe of "oh my Gods" going through my head and hoping I'd make it on stage.

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: So, first item up for bids, nothin'... second, nothin'...
Tony Tahoe: Well, if those women hadn't outbid me by a dollar I would have made it up! Not that I wanted those heat lamps or anything.

Troy, Hunkologist: But you now have a Denon compact stereo!
Tony Tahoe: That's true. I can't wait till that comes!

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: But, sadly, no foosball table - one of the prizes you were playing for in "One Wrong Price." (The others were a set of appliances and a Dell computer; you said the appliances were the wrong price, when it was the Dell computer priced at $2115.)
Tony Tahoe: In retrospect, that was a very stupid move. What Dell desktop costs two grand nowadays, even with a printer and monitor? My frat house would have loved the foosball table!

Troy, Hunkologist: Your roommate and other friend were in the audience -- what were they shouting?
Tony Tahoe: My roommate, Andrew, and good friend, Brandice, were in the audience. It was Andrew who told me the appliances! I blame him entirely.

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: So, fast forward a little, big wheel, (boop boop boop)... is that thing as heavy as it looks?
Tony Tahoe: Heavier! I felt like an old lady trying to spin it. It's smaller than it looks on TV though.

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Wow, makes you wonder what the old ladies are going through. So, 45 + 45 = 90 ... and you get to the showcase. First showcase is -- furniture and surfboards. Let me guess: "OMG, I'm gonna get stuck with the FURNITURE showcase."
Tony Tahoe: Exactly! I was so relieved when she decided to bid on it, even though it had a trip to Hawaii.

'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: But, second showcase comes around... and you win!  Looking at your haul -- Beatles CD / iPod?
Tony Tahoe: Cool, but definitely not the best part.

Troy, Hunkologist: A Nintendo Wii and a 65" TV? God, does a college student even have a place to PUT a 65" TV?
Tony Tahoe: It's become another wall in my living room.
'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Beatles Replica Guitars / Drum set / Cymbals?
Tony Tahoe: SO COOL. My step-dad has already claimed one of the guitars, so I don't have to get him birthdays or christmas presents for a while.
'The Price is Right', CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour
Troy, Hunkologist: And... a trip to London!
Tony Tahoe: You can see me freaking out when he announced that. I've never been and I've ALWAYS wanted to go!

Troy, Hunkologist: Is the BF coming, or a relative, or somebody else?
Tony Tahoe: Definitely the BF!

Troy, Hunkologist: And the worst part of game shows -- you can't tell anyone!
Tony Tahoe: Seriously. It was taped over 2 months ago, and it's been excruciating not telling anyone! There's a clause in the contract stating that if we do tell anyone we automatically forfeit all the prizes.

Troy, Hunkologist: Did you guys have a watch party last week?
Tony Tahoe: Two of them, actually! One in the morning, and one in the evening right before Lost for anyone who missed the morning viewing.

Troy, Hunkologist: Lost? Is that a TV show or something?
Tony Tahoe: Oh, you'd better be kidding.

Troy, Hunkologist: I am -- and I'm sure it looked better on a 65" TV.
Tony Tahoe: It certainly did! My friends have been wondeTahoe where it came from.

Troy, Hunkologist: Oy! That's gotta be rough trying to skirt your way around that!
Tony Tahoe: I just said I bought it for the Lost premiere and quickly changed the subject.
Tony Tahoe - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Speaking of Lost -- what do you think of the show so far this season? Or in general?
Tony Tahoe: Well, I'm a die-hard fan. I practically live for Lost. This season, they've revealed a couple of things I had been waiting to hear the answers for, which is good. But they've introduced this new temple and a few new characters who I could probably deal without. They've also got an alternate reality going which is pretty trippy. I can't wait until they explain it.

Troy, Hunkologist: Besides Lost and TPiR, what else is on the DVR?
Tony Tahoe: This is going to make me look like such a TV junkie... Greek, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, Project Runway, and Desperate Housewives, and How It's Made.

Troy, Hunkologist: I LOVE How It's Made. It's freakin' hypnotic.
Tony Tahoe: I agree! There was a marathon on last Sunday; I didn't move for like 5 hours.

Troy, Hunkologist: They had, like, a 4-day marathon a week or two ago.
Tony Tahoe: That must have been it. It threatened to fill up my TiVo.

Troy, Hunkologist: So, you're in college... how much longer do you have?
Tony Tahoe: T-minus 3 months. Scary.

Troy, Hunkologist: And then?
Tony Tahoe: And then... moving up to Berkeley and probably getting my teaching credential.

Tony Tahoe - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: And what a masterful segue -- that's where the BF is, right? Tell me about him!
Tony Tahoe: Kevin and I met a little over two years ago through a mutual friend. I was dating someone else at the time but definitely had feelings for Kevin. We've been together for two years now. He's absolutely the smartest, most ambitious and driven person I know. There is nothing he can't do. He's cute and funny and all-around the total package.

Troy, Hunkologist: What did he have to say when he saw you on TV?
Tony Tahoe: He was freaking out on the phone - he couldn't believe it!

Tony Tahoe - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Are you from SoCal?
Tony Tahoe: No! Sorry - I'm not the biggest fan of L.A. I'm from Lake Tahoe.

Troy, Hunkologist: What makes Tahoe so special to ya, besides being home?
Tony Tahoe: It's gorgeous - absolutely the most beautiful place on earth. It's all small towns and really tight-knit communities. It also teaches you how to slow down, relax, and appreciate life. In the summer, you jet-ski and go to the beach. In the winter, you ditch class and hit the slopes. It's awesome.

Tony Tahoe - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Back to school -- PolySci... to get into teaching?
Tony Tahoe: PolySci so I didn't flunk out. I was a business major and it was crushing my soul. I've always liked politics, so I changed my major to something I could enjoy.

Troy, Hunkologist: Is there a political future in your... er... future?
Tony Tahoe: Besides being an active citizen, probably not. It might be fun to be an elected official, but I could probably only ever run in the Bay Area (or Vermont or Massachusetts).

Troy, Hunkologist: Also, you're a frat guy?
Tony Tahoe: I am! Sigma Nu, pledge class of SpTahoe 07!

Troy, Hunkologist: When I was in college (which wasn't THAT long ago, so hush)... you didn't find many guys out in fraternities. Is that changing?
Tony Tahoe: I'd say every fraternity at USC has at least one gay guy, but only 1/2 to 2/3 of them are actually out. It wasn't a problem in my fraternity or in Kevin's. Besides, gay guys get girls to come to the house.

CBS/Fremantle Media - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Back to the show, did you get to bond with the other contestants much?
Tony Tahoe: They sort of corral everyone who appears on stage together, then we all have to fill out paperwork together after the show is done taping. It was a lot of friendly banter and congratulations.

Troy, Hunkologist: "Congratulations on your outdoor heaters!"
Tony Tahoe: Basically - even though she only won them because she outbid me by a dollar.

Troy, Hunkologist: Well, looking back, the heater lady ended up playing for a hot tub. Would you have wanted that anyway?
Tony Tahoe: It wouldn't really fit on my balcony.

Troy, Hunkologist: Lastly - you got to play "One Wrong Price" - if you could have had your pick of game, what would it have been?
Tony Tahoe: Plinko! It's so iconic! I bet almost everyone in the US could recognize that game if they saw it, even out of context.

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