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Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Name: Doug
Age: 46
Height/Weight: 6'2" / 185 lbs.
Status: Partnered

We ask Doug about the future of the news industry, the one place he's always wanted to travel, and the top options in Midwestern beer.

Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: You work in the news industry -- what prompted you to get involved with it?

Doug: I've always been a writer - I thought i'd be an English or literature teacher, but after getting a job, I fell in love with journalism and all the responsibility that comes with it.

Troy, Hunkologist: How long have you been in the industry?

Doug: 20 years. God, that sounds like an eternity. Wow.

Troy, Hunkologist: What's next for the journalism industry (newspapers / TV / the Internet / etc.)?

Doug: If i had the answer, i'd be in great demand and really wealthy. I'm so tired of the chicken littles running around.

Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: One of the things I know you enjoy doing is travelling. Where have you been?

Doug: As a kid, we couldn't really afford to travel so now that my partner and I are in a position to spend some money, we've enjoyed some really nice vacations. We went to Australia in early 2008 and last summer we were in South Africa. We've also been to Paris a couple of times. and we try to make an annual trek to Key West, where I'd love to live.

This year, we're planning a road trip west. True Americana stuff like the Grand Canyon.

Troy, Hunkologist: Where else is on the "wish list"?

Doug: South America. My partner and I have been studying Spanish, hoping to be able to at least fumble our way through conversations when we go. Ideally, we'd like to hit the continent this Christmas. We'll see.

Troy, Hunkologist: Ah, so you know the important phrases like "How much for the beer" and "where is the bathroom."

Doug: I'm getting there. In France, where i can't speak a lick of French, I've been able to communicate by pointing, smiling and seeming really desperate. It's a bit pathetic, but it works. I'm hoping to alleviate that a bit with the Spanish lessons.

Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: What else do you do in your free time besides planning out vacations?

Doug: I've taken up tennis after several years of not playing. It's not an ideal sport for an over-40 guy but it's lots of fun.
I also work out. It's kind of my addiction, but it keeps me sane. After a bad day at work, there's nothing better than working out the stress.

Troy, Hunkologist: What's a typical workout like for Doug?

Doug: I've kind of forged my own workout routines over the years. I tend to focus on just one body part per workout. I prefer short, 45 minute workouts several times a week instead of long workouts two or three times a week. I don't have the patience for that.

Doug: I hired a trainer a couple years ago to teach me some new exercises to freshen up my workouts. It's easy to get in a rut and do the same thing each time you go to the gym, which doesn't give ideal results.

Troy, Hunkologist: How many times a week do you hit the gym?

Doug: 4 to 5. It's a priority. I think everyone has time if they decide it's important to them. I'm fortunate that my gym is just a few blocks from my office, so I go directly the gym after work.

Doug: If you go home first, the couch and refrigerator are too tempting. Next thing you know, you've watched three hours of TV and it's time for bed.

Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: When you're not in the gym or at work -- what else occupies your time?

Doug: I love hanging at home with my partner and dog, and I love to go out to eat. I appreciate nice restaurants, but I really prefer simple meals. I try to find whatever sounds fresh and healthy on the menu and go for it. That way, I can justify dessert or another drink.

Doug: If there is red wine nearby, watch out. I'll be wanting a glass.

Troy, Hunkologist: Give it up -- what's the one vice Doug can't live without?

Doug: Honestly, alcohol. I'm going to sound like an alcoholic, but I find it satisfying. In addition to red wine, I love beer. There are so many options out there -- I love to find a new wine and fall in love with it. Craft beers are crazy good; why anyone would drink Budweiser?

Troy, Hunkologist: I oughta give you some Boulevard next time I see you.

Doug: Boulevard is good; their unfiltered wheat is nice. But Schlafly has done a great job. Their hef is good.

Meet New People Monday: Doug - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Lastly... what went through your mind when you were asked to do an interview for HDJ?

Doug: It's a bit weird to be honest... but if someone finds this interesting enough to read, then I have no objections.

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