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Chris M, Lead Hunkologist - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Chris (Lead Hunkologist, Hunk du Jour) on the lookout for Liz Lemon, and plugging a friend's blog.

For our readers in the states, please let me take a moment to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! While it is an American holiday, I hope both our domestic and international readers will also allow me a moment to come from behind the curtain to express my appreciation.

Hunk du Jour started by accident.
I'm a software engineer and over a decade ago I created a small javascript program on my GeoCities web page to show a different hot guy (or girl, at the time) each day. Little did I know that it would eclipse my vacation photos in popularity and end up getting spun off into it's own web site.

Things have definitely changed... but one thing stays the same. Without you reading this, I'm just some guy with a laptop and too much time on his hands. Thank-you for your readership, your suggestions and e-mails (I read all of them -- and am sorry I can't always reply), and for joining us on all those other social networking sites. I have much affection for you, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

It takes a big, gay village.
Love and thanks also go out to our past, present, and future Hunkologists... Troy has been introducing us to some great new people this year, and puts in a lot of time and effort to bring us Friday TPiRness each week! David has been a bit quiet since the spring, but has also been helping us rediscover some old favorites this year. You don't see anything from Michael, but he works hard behind the scenes making sure those pesky ads keep appearing so I can afford the bandwidth bills. (He also coined the term "hunkologist.")

I'm also incredibly thankful for the love and support of my partner, Doug, who so patiently puts up with all of the time I spend online. And of course, I have to thank my family -- my mom, dad, and sister who are so supportive and proud of this silly site.

I'd also like to give thanks to all of the creative industry from which I draw my inspiration... these photographers, stylists, models, agents, artists, accountants, and support staff all work incredibly hard and I think as a blogging community we can do a better job about fairly crediting and promoting their work.

I'm rambling -- you can see why I usually keep the soap box safely away in storage. To recap: Thank-you.

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