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Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

It's Meet New People Monday! Troy chats it up with Toronto physical therapist in training, Danny!

Age: 23
Vitals: 5'9" / 145 lbs
Location: Toronto
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Occupation: Full-time Masters student

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: First off, what's your Masters going to be in?

Danny : Physical Therapy. I took biology during my undergrad, and I had done a fair amount of volunteering in different physio departments, and I could really see myself aiding in the rehabilitation process, rather than working in a lab with microscopes!

Danny : I'd have to say the relationships you create with your patients was one of the deciding factors for me. I worked in a rehabilitation centre for mostly stroke patients, and I got to see them improve from being in a wheelchair to walking with a walker, to a cane, then solo! It's rewarding to see your work pay off.

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Are you a native Canadian?

Danny : Yup, born and raised! My parents were both born in Europe, but both moved to Montreal when they were young.

Troy, Hunkologist: And you ended up moving to Toronto?

Danny : I moved here from Montreal last month to do my Masters. I really like the program here, and it's great to have a change of environment!

Troy, Hunkologist: Tell me something I wouldn't probably know about Montreal or Toronto (take your pick).

Danny : Well I'm not sure what you already know, but Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city on the globe! Somehow I still ended up there as an anglophone.

Troy, Hunkologist: Can you speak French?

Danny : Yes, but I can definitely improve. It's a great language though.

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: What does Danny do in his spare time?

Danny : Well, I've quickly come to learn that Danny at the Masters level doesn't really have any spare time! I still make time to go to the gym though, exercise is a big part of my life. When I have some time to spare, I like to go to the movies, out for dinner, or out to pubs and clubs.

Troy, Hunkologist: What's a typical trip to the gym like?

Danny : I generally start with 30 minutes of cardio, then an hour to an hour and a half of weights. Today I somehow ended up at an intro to hip-hop dance class before my workout. That was an experience!

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: What's on the iPod / DVR right now?

Danny : I'm really into James Morrison right now, and Jason Mraz. As for TV, I've recently started watching True Blood, but my favourites are Dexter, Lost and The Office.

Troy, Hunkologist: I've been meaning to get into Dexter, but haven't yet.

Danny : You should, it's awesome. It prepared me for my anatomy labs.

Troy, Hunkologist: Of course, up there, you get almost all of our TV and music.

Danny : Hey hey now, there are tons of amazing Canadian artists. You know I'm going to say Celine Dion...

Troy, Hunkologist: Besides her.

Danny : Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, The Tragically Hip, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne... I can go on.

Troy, Hunkologist: I was going to add Rick Astley to that list, but I think he's British.

Danny : You're correct to think that.

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Moving on - how long have you and your BF been together?

Danny : It'll be four years in January. We were set up by a mutual friend. She thought we would click, and apparently we did! It's been going great since then.

Troy, Hunkologist: What's Danny going to be doing in 5 years?

Danny : In two years, if all goes as planned I'll be a physical therapist!

Danny : Five years is kinda far ahead. I'd like to have a home, and a car by then. Maybe a dog. Husband... we'll have to wait and see I guess!

Troy, Hunkologist: Any particular kind of dog in mind?

Danny : A cute one. I don't mind the breed. I just don't want a large dog, or a minuscule one.

Danny, by Adam Franc - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Something we ask every guy we talk to -- what are you wearing at this moment in time?

Danny : Oh no, I knew this was coming. I'm wearing sweatpants, which actually rarely happens. I don't leave the house in them. I'm also wearing a t-shirt that has a couch-potato stickman on it that says "Slacker".

Troy, Hunkologist: Judging by your schedule, I'd say "slacker" is kind of a misnomer.

Danny : Yeah, my arm is currently resting on my anatomy textbook which I'm studying from tonight. But the shirt also says "Be as you are" on the back, and I like the motto.

Troy, Hunkologist: Boxers / briefs / either / neither?

Danny : Do people actually say neither when it's neither? Boxers, but I generally wear boxer-briefs. You caught me in study mode.

Troy, Hunkologist: It changes in study mode?

Danny : I can wear boxers if I'm wearing sweatpants, which only happens at home. I don't wear boxers with jeans because it's uncomfortable.

Danny : I guess I have a system. I'm a little OCD, I won't lie.

Troy, Hunkologist: Lastly, what's Danny's guilty pleasure in life?

Danny : Wow, I have to choose just one?

Troy, Hunkologist: Well, no, you can certainly choose more than one.

Danny : I can eat peanut butter out of the jar like it's no one's business. Just give me a spoon.

Troy, Hunkologist: Crunchy or smooth?

Danny : Smooth, but I won't turn down some crunchy PB.

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