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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

Our Popular This Week list updates every hour on our sidebar, but now we're taking a snapshot every Saturday and sharing the best of the week with you right here! You can even compare the list with previous weeks to see who's a flash in the pan, and who has some serious staying power!

  1. Naked for a Cause Rugby Calendar 2007
  2. Sex Sells! Nick Youngquest Covers the Attitude Sex Issue
  3. Ashtyn Long : Hunk of the Day
  4. Dream Guys 2010 Calendar : STong Photography
  5. DJ Seth Cooper for Man of Austin
  6. Jakub Stefano : Hunk of the Day
  7. Sam Coy : Hunk of the Day
  8. Matt Neustadt : Hunk of the Day
  9. Ernestas Juodis : Hunk of the Day
  10. Luke Guldan : Hunk of the Day
  11. Andrew Oldershaw : Hunk of the Day
  12. Kerry Degman : Hunk of the Day
  13. JT : Hunk of the Day
  14. HERO Launches in the UK with Ryan Koning
  15. Jason Verlaine: Comedian, Toilet Paper Thief
  16. Instinct Cover Model Andrew Oldershaw : Interview
  17. Athlete and Model : Sam Coy
  18. Interview with Luke Guldan from Trainers Tip
  19. 08/28 Best of Friday TPiRness: The Price Is Right Guys
  20. Ryan Diesel : Male Model, Playgirl Campus Hunk
  21. Dean Cain : Hunk of the Day
  22. Half Naked Footballers: Podolski, Lahm, Ronaldo, Beckham
  23. Eric Dane : McSteamy
  24. 08/21 Best of Friday TPiRness: The Price Is Right Guys
  25. Matt Neustadt, Down on the Farm...
  26. DNA # 106 : Under the Covers
  27. Mario Lopez : Nip/Tuck Booty!
  28. JT : Dav.d Daniels Photography
  29. Francis Cadieux : Hunk of the Day
  30. Mr. World 2007 : Juan Garcia Postigo
  31. Josh Wald : Hunk of the Day
  32. Interview with Fitness Model Bryan David Thomas
  33. Ernestas Juodis : Prescence
  34. Stefan Pinto : How I get my Playgirl six pack abs
  35. Male Model Angel Bonanni: Half Naked Thurs
  36. Eddie McClintock Rebounds
  37. Brady Quinn : Shirtless College Football Star
  38. Travis Fimmel : Calvin Klein Underwear Model Picspam!
  39. Bradley Cooper : Actor
  40. Bear Grylls : Man vs. Wild
  41. Brandon Beemer : Gays of our Lives?
  42. Jason Lewis : Absolut Hunk
  43. Greek Water Polo Team : The Best Picture Ever?
  44. Dieux du Stade: More Photos Released from 2007 Calendar
  45. Mike Rowe, the dirty man behind Dirty Jobs
  46. Jessie Godderz : Big Brother 10 Hunky Houseguest
  47. Elijah Knowles : Dylan Rosser in New York City
  48. Paul James : Gay Greek Frat Boy
  49. Josh Wald : Model, Skateboarder, and Musician
  50. Tim McGraw Shirtless

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