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Mathias Rosenzweig - Hunk du Jour

by Rick Day
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Age: 18
Stats: 6'1", 155 lbs.
Location: Philadelphia / NYC
Occupation: Student

Mathias Rosenzweig - Hunk du Jour

by Rick Day
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Troy, Hunkologist: First question, which we like to ask everyone (as an ice breaker): what are you wearing at this particular moment in time?
Mathias: Black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt -- pretty shabby!

Troy, Hunkologist: Shabby chic?
Mathias: I'd like to think so!

Troy, Hunkologist: Boxers / briefs?
Mathias: Boxer briefs. I wear a lot of American Apparel, H&M, etc. I'm known for always wearing v-necks.

Troy, Hunkologist: Why?
Mathias: I remember once I saw a model wearing a v-neck Lacoste sweater in GQ. I never found the sweater he was wearing, but I started buying v-necks like mad. I liked the look!

Mathias Rosenzweig - Hunk du Jour

by Rick Day
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Troy, Hunkologist: Recent high school graduate, and then it's off to NYC... what are you taking?
Mathias: I actually have no idea what I'll be taking there. I have a pretty broad span of interests, and I decided I don't want to have a super academic job (doctor, lawyer, etc...) in the future. I figured that living in NYC would help me find a more exciting path to venture down. I think the city allows people to be a little more unusual. I just want to try everything and see where I end up.

Troy, Hunkologist: Additionally, you've already done some modeling work - at 18! How did that come about?
Mathias: People had suggested it to me over the years because I was the right height and whatnot, so i figured I would give it a shot. I was signed at an agency after an open call, and they've been trying to push me ever since. It's a really interesting line of work, because you get to meet some of the world's most interesting people and try innovative things. I was just overwhelmed with an urge to be a part of that.

Troy, Hunkologist: Is it something you'd consider staying with in the coming years?
Mathias: Absolutely. I want to prove myself, so until I'm satisfied with what I've done (which might be never), I don't really see myself backing down from it.

Troy, Hunkologist: So, ideally, I should be seeing you model CKs or in your own reality show in 5 years?
Mathias: Exactly! But not a trashy reality show though... mine would be classy. I just hate the people on shows like The Real World and whatnot... I feel embarrassed for people that would do stupid things just for media attention.

Mathias Rosenzweig - Hunk du Jour

by Rick Day
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Troy, Hunkologist: So, when he's not at the books or in front of the camera, what's Mathias doing?
Mathias: I go to tons of concerts and shows with my cousin Jennie, who's also one of my best friends. In the summer and during breaks, I usually travel as much as possible.

Traveling lets me meet new people and see new places. Like everyone my age, I'm trying to figure out my view on the world, and for me, I need to actually SEE the world to do that.

I take classes in France or visit family in Sweden. I was born in PA but my mother's Swedish. I'm a Swedish citizen too.

Troy, Hunkologist: For most people, Sweden is ABBA / Ikea / Volvo / meatballs. Tell me something Sweden that I don't know.
Mathias: Sweden's filled with beautiful people. The streets are packed with natural blondes with blue eyes. My cousin and I tried to mimic their look with what ended up being a nasty, emotionally scarring use of blond hair-dye.

It didn't really work out.

Mathias Rosenzweig - Hunk du Jour

by Rick Day
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Troy, Hunkologist: What's on your iPod / DVR / watchlist right now?
Mathias: The song playing on my iTunes right now is "She Loves Everybody" by Chester French. In my DVD player, I probably have "Almost Famous".

Troy, Hunkologist: Guilty pleasure?
Mathias: I can't stop watching Twilight. I don't understand my attraction to it.

Troy, Hunkologist: Last up -- in 5-10-15, am I going to see Mathias gracing the cover of GQ? And if so, will he need a personal assistant at that time?
Mathias: I'm driven by a hunger to make a name for myself. If it turns out that I do so with modeling, that's the ideal, because it's not your typical job. As for a personal assistant... I'm way too paranoid of a person to ever trust my life with someone else! I can handle myself. Plus, I'm far too low maintenance for that

Troy, Hunkologist: Ah, so I should probably keep my day job then.
Mathias: I'll let you know when the whole "low maintenance" thing changes.

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