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Ryan - Hunk du Jour

Age: 27
Height: 5' 9¾" (those fractions are critical)
Weight: 160 lbs.-ish
Relationship status: single
Occupation: web designer/art director/college professor

Troy, Hunkologist: OK, I'll bite. Why are the fractions critical?
Ryan: Only because I've had one too many conversations that went, "You're 5' 10"? I'm 5' 10", and you're shorter than me!" So I round up.

Troy, Hunkologist: Yet with weight, it's an approximation.
Ryan: As many of your visitors will attest, your mileage may vary depending on gym visits and/or carbs consumed.

Ryan - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: The usual first question (now second): what are you wearing at this moment?
Ryan: One of my favorite Brooklyn t-shirts, cargo shorts and socks. My shoes are somewhere under the bed right now.

Troy, Hunkologist: You're not originally from Brooklyn, or NYC for that matter. How did you end up there?
Ryan: I was born and raised in North Carolina, but knew I wanted to work in television or some similar field, so prior to the summer between my junior and senior years I sent about four dozen resumes out to any NYC-based TV property I could get an address for.

The only interview I got was at The Late Show with David Letterman, and I aced it, and landed an internship there -- after I graduated I returned to NYC where I was hired as a NBC page (like Kenneth on 30 Rock, so that show has an odd added dimension for me--though these days I'm admittedly much more like Liz Lemon). I didn't actually ever start as a page, because my work in the web world took off in the meantime. I've just been here ever since.

Troy, Hunkologist: How similar were you to Kenneth?
Ryan: I've always been a bit more cynical than Kenneth, but I definitely had the same kind of "rah, rah, TV!" spirit when I first started. Now I can't even be bothered to watch the shows that I work for.

Troy, Hunkologist: We'll leave the shows you work for for another time... but suffice it to say -- have you always wanted to work in TV?
Ryan: At one time, I would have answered that as a definite "yes," but now not so much. In college I worked my way to the top of the food chain at our campus TV station and even hosted a couple of iterations of my own talk show, all of which were not funny (mainly because I have the on-screen presence of a dead fish), but they were still fun to do. I think, though, as I've actually worked and gained experience in a number of fields, I honestly would like to work for myself in the long run. Design and solving problems with human interaction with design has proven even more interesting to me.

Troy, Hunkologist: What do you see yourself doing instead?
Ryan: In the long run, I'd like to own a small creative services firm. I'd like to have the freedom to have a new client come in and say something like "I'm launching a new TV show and we need a website and a viral campaign for it," but I'd also like to be flexible enough for my staff to say "We have this brilliant idea for a new web site." I want to be the kind of boss that can say, "Make it happen." I see a lot of value in cultivating new ideas, even when they don't necessarily all prove valuable or lucrative.

Ryan - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: You're a photographer as well in your own right?
Ryan: Absolutely. I was a Digital Art minor; my concentration was in photography and digital imaging, so I've been snapping photos ever since then.

Troy, Hunkologist: And you're heavily involved into videography as well?
Ryan: Mostly post-production, but yes--one of the things I do for a number of my clients is production of videos for their various products and projects.

Troy, Hunkologist: You clearly have a lot of creative vision going on in your head.
Ryan: Honestly, my not-so-secret goal is to amass a staff that can execute all of the ideas that I come up with.

Troy, Hunkologist: Be honest. Your not-so-secret goal is world domination.
Ryan: Lord no. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm lazy. I wouldn't have the energy to run the earth unless they can make some app for me in OS X that does most of the work for me. Though Steve Jobs may already have that app installed on his computer. I'm not sure.

Troy, Hunkologist: It's available in the iTunes store.
Ryan: Oh, excellent! An iPhone version is even more convenient. I could bomb North Korea with a flick of the thumb while getting a massage.

Ryan - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: Speaking of massage, I know you like to get a massage every now and then. What are Ryan's other guilty pleasures?
Ryan: My guilty pleasures have to be food-related... I like a nice little serving of Haagen-Dazs dulce de leche ice cream every now and then, or perhaps a glass of Knob Creek bourbon on the rocks a little more frequently.

Troy, Hunkologist: Together?
Ryan: Maybe, though I've not tried that.

Troy, Hunkologist: What's the one thing someone can do to get Ryan's attention?
Ryan: I'll give you three. First, realize that I am a dork, and am therefore OK with your dorkitude. Second, be friendly and preferably good at small talk, because I'm a horrible conversationalist, even with people I've known forever. And third... being cute helps!

With regards to Thing #1... I do draw the line at things like live-action role-playing and such.

Troy, Hunkologist: Although.... a birdie tells me you have a Star Trek uniform hanging around the house.
Ryan: I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor. I may have worn such an outfit for Halloween and to avoid jury duty but that's it.

Troy, Hunkologist: On a scale of 1-10, how geeky is this conversation so far?
Ryan: Oh, we're up at a 6 or 7. We won't crack 9 until I start talking about taking a nihilist approach to user interface design.

Troy, Hunkologist: Here's a question I've never asked anyone in HDJ history. What's your favorite font and why?
Ryan: I would be lying if I said anything other than Gotham. I think Hoefler & Frere-Jones (the type foundry that designed it) did such an astounding job of really capturing a kind of industrial typeface that has such a strong personality.

Troy, Hunkologist: Least?
Ryan: Comic Sans. Whoever is responsible for that travesty should be killed.

Ryan - Hunk du Jour

Troy, Hunkologist: I understand you cook a lot as well. What's in the pantry/fridge right now, and what kind of meal could you make from it?
Ryan: I always say that I need a personal grocery shopper who can read my mind because I'm terrible at keeping food on hand. I think I have some baby arugula and some frozen raw calamari, so I could probably pan-sear those and make a very nice seared squid salad.

Troy, Hunkologist: You consider Alton Brown a hero as well, right?
Ryan: Yes -- Alton is the one who convinced me to purchase a combination timer/probe thermometer. Let me recommend it to everyone out there who also owns a Foreman grill--you, too, can make perfectly cooked boneless pork chops when you can stop the cooking process at precisely the right time.

Troy, Hunkologist: What are your tastes in music?
Ryan: Hoo boy. Growing up as the son of a Southern Baptist minister, I was really only allowed to listen to "Jesus music" until I hit high school--that or easy listening (my little brother thought that "Lite 102.9" was the only radio station there was for a while). So because of that I still have affinity for Barry Manilow and The Carpenters, but while filling in the gaping holes in my music knowledge, I discovered David Bowie, who I am madly in love with, as well as groups like the Pet Shop Boys, Electronic, and such. I also like a teeny tiny bit of frivolous pop music a la Jesse McCartney.

Troy, Hunkologist: And you have an affinity for Barry Manilow.
Ryan: I'm a Fanilow, it's true. But you might be surprised how many guys my age show up at those concerts. Maybe they have the same kind of background as me.

Troy, Hunkologist: Boxers or briefs?
Ryan: I think I've worn boxers maybe twice ever. Can't stand them. Briefs, boxer briefs, jocks--anything but flopping around in thin crappy boxer shorts.

Troy, Hunkologist: Lastly, what did you think when we approached you for a HDJ Meet New People Monday feature?
Ryan: My immediate thought was that I should activate my sociability and humor subroutines.

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