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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

I'm making a habit of starting off our theme weeks on Tuesdays, it seems... maybe I should just embrace that I'm not one of those "Monday People" and be OK getting productive starting on Tuesdays of each week!

This week we're diving into the world of home improvement television! There's something about the way these men can completely transform homes on ridiculously low budgets and/or time frames -- and if they look good in a tool belt while they're doing it, it's just icing on the cake!

Our fabulous reader Bill recommended this week's theme -- Thanks Bill! If you have a great idea for a future theme just drop us a note!

Kicking off things this week is Matthew Finlason, who helps people sell their homes by with expert staging on the HGTV show The Stagers.

Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour

[ The Stagers - HGTV Official Site ]
[ Matthew Finlason - Official Site ]
[ Matthew Finlason and The Stagers - Twitter ]

Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour

Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour
Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour
Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour

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