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DeAngelis Photography - Hunk du Jour

by DeAngelis Photography
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Name: Matthew Marsh
Age: 20
Vitals: 5'9", 150lbs.
Occupation: Student / Singer / Songwriter
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MySpace: Matthew Marsh Artist's Profile
iTunes: Listen to Time Line

DeAngelis Photography - Hunk du Jour

by DeAngelis Photography
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First off... I found you on Facebook -- standing out amongst the ads for IQ tests and dating sites. What possessed you to try that to reach an audience?
I had a boyfriend who did marketing for OUT magazine, and he had tried that strategy for them, so he actually was the one to convince me to set up the ads.

It must have worked, 'cause ya ended up here! You were billed as "For fans of Jamie Cullum", and your work was clearly influenced by him. What is it about Jamie that appeals to you?
His piano skills are out of this world, but his voice is so soothing and smooth, yet raw and passionate. I barely listened to anybody else in high school.

What's your favorite JC song, and why?
I like his cover of the Radiohead song, High and Dry off his Twentysomething album. His approach is fresh, but still maintains the same emotional quality of the original piece. I've performed Cullum's version before during my own sets.

DeAngelis Photography - Hunk du Jour

by DeAngelis Photography
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You're in school right now as well? Where and what are you taking?
I'm going to New York University, studying music composition.

And you have gigs as well? When do you sleep?
I've had a few gigs this past year, and I have some planned for later this month around New York. I'll be with my friend Barrie, who's an amazing singer herself. I barely sleep, and I still have not figured out how to balance my life.

And, you have a CD!
Yes, I do! It's called Timeline and its available on iTunes. All the songs were written by me in high school and recorded two years ago, with the best of the best musicians in Detroit. I'm very proud of it.

DeAngelis Photography - Hunk du Jour

by DeAngelis Photography
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You're single?
Yessir! I've never been single for this amount of time (a year). Since I came out, I was usually with somebody. Being single is great for finding out what you truly want/need in a guy.

What's the one thing a guy can do that would catch Matthew Marsh's attention?
Any good looking man with a passion or a talent will catch my attention. He needs to be attractive and he needs to be motivated. Approaching me is always a plus, since I'm usually the one who approaches a guy.

You're in New York now, but not a native, right?
Nope, I'm originally from Detroit. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in a big city far from home. I decided on NYU by the time I was 13 even though I had never been to New York City. When applying for schools, I didn't even apply anywhere else.

I needed to be in this city. I felt called to be somewhere completely unfamiliar and challenging. It has made me grow tremendously, and I love it here.

What was it like growing up in Detroit?
I'm very grateful to have been raised there. I grew up in a very family-oriented town at the midpoint between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It was a nice place to be a kid, an awfully boring and dreadful place to be a teenager/young adult.

Tell me a little about your fam.
My parents are two of the hardest workers I know. My mom does finance stuff for the church we went to growing up, and my father sells used cars (which ironically is better than selling new cars during this economy.) Since I've started at NYU, they've been working more hours, and my mom has even taken on two more jobs in order to help me pay for school. I'm lucky to have them. They had a rough time when I came out, but I think they are fine with it now.

They're clearly supportive of you now.
In all I do. They just expect me to work hard.

I also have two older beautiful sisters who I love dearly. My little brother plays the guitar and writes music too. He wrote Already Had You which is on my Facebook page. He's an extremely big source of inspiration to me.

DeAngelis Photography - Hunk du Jour

by DeAngelis Photography
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What do you see yourself doing in 5/10/15 years?
In five years, I see myself touring as a singer/songwriter around the world, and recording albums. In ten years and fifteen years, I hope to still be doing the same, I want to work in film and television, and be an author as well.

Matthew Marsh has a Friday night off. What's he doing?
He's at a bar with a friend, people watching and scheming some brilliant plan that probably will never be executed -- anything from travel arrangements, to party planning, to adventures within the city

In the past three months, I have started planning a trip to France, Florida, and San Francisco... we'll see if they actually happen!

I also love going out to dance, so I would be at a bar with good music.

Where in NYC do you want to go, but haven't yet?
The Bronx Zoo -- that sounds lame I know, but I've seen a lot of the New York "sites" already.

Lastly... boxers or briefs?
Both - right now - black boxer-briefs.

Are you a designer guy or a Hanes guy?
I'm a starving artist, so you could probably guess!

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