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Good Morning, Hunk-lovers!

A programming note -- Hunkologist Troy D is taking the helm here for the next week and a half or so, while I head off to Europe with co-Hunkologist Doug B!

In addition to his Friday TPiRness posts, Troy has promised to check in on the site and make sure it hasn't crashed -- and perhaps sprinkle a few extra posts here and there during his watch.

Also returning in the meantime is Asst. Hunkologist David E, who has some great guys scheduled to appear over the next week and a half... so don't worry about not having anything to see around here!

It's truly a treat to bring this blog to you -- and your entire team of Hunkologists here delight in it. If you live in London-Amsterdam-or-Oslo and see a couple of confused-looking Seattle boys sneaking glances at the local cuties... come up and say Hi -- it might be us! (You can also watch for trip updates on my personal blog, Let's Geek Out.)

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again very soon.

Chris M,
Lead Hunkologist & Editor

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