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Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Michael Brent has been getting more and more attention on the web lately, so we caught up with him for a little Q&A to ask him some incredibly topical and hard-hitting questions!

...ok, maybe it was more like what his favorite movies are, getting swindled at age 14 by a faux agency, and how awkward of a teenager he was.

At any rate, it was a very fun conversation - I hope you enjoy it too!

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Michael Brent -- thanks for talking with me tonight!

Michael Brent: Of course, my pleasure

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So, how did you get started in modeling?

Michael Brent: Actually, I wanted to get into it in 8th grade, and my girl friend-at-the-time's sister was in the industry, so she told me she'd help me get started. Granted it was a fake agency and all... BUT it got me started.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: A fake agency??

Michael Brent: Well they charged me money to be in it and at the time (i was 14) I didn't know any better.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Ahh -- and we all know (now) that's a big red flag.

Michael Brent: BIG red flag yes, but it all made sense in my head at the time. But no, never ever ever pay for it, it's a business where YOU get paid.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Did you start getting work through it, at least?

Michael Brent: Nope. Never got anything from it. Actually, any paid work that I've done I found on my own -- I'm very independednt when it comes to my modeling career. I like being in charge of who, where, what, when etc.

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: How did you land your first gig?

Michael Brent: I believe I saw an ad for a casting online. Usually any gigs I get, I get contacted first

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What brings you back, after being in Los Angeles?

Michael Brent: Didn't care for the school I was going to, FIDM- The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The name was too long to say... (laughs) I didn't want to do fashion anymore. I realized just because I was good at something, doesn't mean it's something I should do forever.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What did you study at the school?

Michael Brent: I was studying Apparel Manufacturing. It was the only major that was really getting students ready for Entreprenuership, which is what i thought I wanted to do.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So you started out wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, decided it wasn't your path. Has coming back home given you fresh insight?

Michael Brent: It has actually -- It gave me some time to think, with out having to deal with the stress of rent, gas, groceries, you name it.

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So where has modeling fit in with your grand plan? Is it something you're doing for a while through school, is it what you want to pursue further?

Michael Brent: It's something I'd like to pursue further. Although, I have to be a realist, in that I cant depend on it to make a living. Modeling is and always will be a part time job. I'd like to keep my portfolio growing, and see as many agencies as possible... but at the same time get an education and a career.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So what else makes life exciting for you? What do you love doing?

Michael Brent: Well, funny you should mention, I just recently discovered that I can do a flip... so i've been obsessed with gymnastics lately. Yes, it looks funny because i am 6'2, so don't judge me!

Michael Brent: But I love learning new "tricks" I call them because I know absolutely nothing about it. Actually, volleyball is my sport. My sister and I play a ton (she actually plays pro for Finland now.) Myself, I just play for fun.

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Michael Brent: New adventures. I plan on seeing the world, meeting great people, and giving back a little as well.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What's the best thing that has happened in the past 12 months?

Michael Brent: Moving to Cali was probably the best thing I could have done. I had a job that I loved, and met my best friend there. Not to mention I lived in Cali, I mean come on!

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: We're kind of TV nuts... do you watch TV? What do you watch regularly?

Michael Brent: Without a doubt, Lost! Hands down, the best show ever.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So a couple more questions, quick-fire style!

Michael Brent: Give it to me

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Answer these as quick as ya can -- Favorite Band?

Michael Brent: Oh boy

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Fast! Fast!

Michael Brent: Ugh, can I pass?

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: No passing!

Michael Brent: Is Beyonce a band?

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Favorite Song?

Michael Brent: I love Disturbia by Rihanna... never gets old.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Favorite Movie?

Michael Brent: I can't single one out, I love Knocked Up, and Anchorman.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Favorite Comedian?

Michael Brent: Oh, Daniel Tosh. But I can't leave my girl Kathy Griffin out either.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Boxers or Briefs?

Michael Brent: I'm going to be difficult and say boxer-briefs. I like the support, but need the length..

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Michael Brent: This morning it was Kashi with blueberries, toast with avacados (is that gross?) and green tea

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: When's the last time you hit the gym?

Michael Brent: Twice today. At the crack of dawn, and right after work

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What time are you going to sleep tonight?

Michael Brent: Probably midnight, as usual

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What are you wearing as you answer these questions?

Michael Brent: I usually don't work during the day. My boxer-briefs. What? There's no one around....

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Haha... I keep waiting for the "full tuxedo" answer. Someday we'll get it.

Michael Brent: Haha, not today

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: So, where should readers go if they want to know more about you?

Michael Brent: You can get out my work at my website,

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: What were you like when you were younger?

Michael Brent: Chunky, pale, bad hair dye, and somewhat of an outcast. Sadly, it wasn't until I got in shape when people started noticing me.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Is there someone special around? Any romantic entanglements?

Michael Brent: Haha, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I'll say that much.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Oooohhh... enigmatic! I like that.

Michael Brent: I thought you might ;-)

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Any closing thoughts?

Michael Brent: It's not the greatest in the world, but it gets the point across. I just want to say, as cheesy as it sounds, you can do anything if you apply yourself. If you saw my 8th grade school picture, you never would think I could make in an industry as picky as this one. But with hard work I made it, and trust me, it really pays off.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Michael, thanks so much for talking with us!

Michael Brent: Anytime, Chris. Always a pleasure

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour
Michael Brent - Hunk du Jour

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