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Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

If you are a fan of our site, then you know how much we love our aussieBums. Well we now have something from Australia that we love just as much! We spotted Matt Clifton on the FOX show Hole In The Wall and had to learn more about him.

Enjoy this exclusive interview, and be sure to look for him Sunday on FOX.

Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Occupation: Actor/Model
Current Location: Hollywood, CA
Originally From: Australia
Relationship Status: Single

How long have you been in the U.S. and what brought you here?

I have been in L.A. since May 2007 and have yet to return home for a visit. I made the jump to the U.S. to further my career within the entertainment industry. Acting and modeling is not work for me, its fun, exciting and grants the opportunity to meet some amazing and influential people. It's a passion and one must make extreme sacrifices to follow their dream.

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

How have you adjusted to life in California compared to life in Sydney?

California is amazing to say the least. The weather is certainly nothing to complain about. As far as living goes, I mean it's much the same as Sydney, but at times it is very evident to peoples hidden agendas. Some really don't care for anyone as long as they get what they want. They will step on anyone to get it. I kind of expected a little of that before I came. I guess I have learned to be very careful of who I can trust.

You are a lifeguard on the show "Hole in the Wall". What have you learned from being a part of that show?

It was so much fun. They were a great team to work with. Long days but it's the people you work with that really make it enjoyable.

Hole In The Wall on FOX - Hunk du Jour

I have seen a couple of the episodes and I'm amazed that you are able to keep a straight face as some of the people hit the wall. Has anyone been hurt in the filming?

They must have edited out most of my expressions! :) Some of the contestants really brought a laugh, but no one got injured. I think they all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.

When the show is not filming have you ever tried to jump through a hole in the wall?

Unfortunately due to safety precautions we were unable to take on the wall, as much as I would have loved to. I probably wouldn't have made it anyway lol.

Brooke Burns also hosted a show called Dog Eat Dog in which the contestants also had a high chance of getting wet. What's it like working with Brooke and does she have as much fun hosting as it comes across?

Both Brooke and Mark were amazing hosts and they really enjoyed themselves. Both on and off set they are very genuine down to earth lovely people. Brooke certainly has no shortage of energy, which I think is very rare, but definitely an asset.

There is a YouTube video of you spinning a liquor bottle at the end. Were you ever a bartender?

Ah yes, I have bar tended for a number of years now. Having family own a bar out in the country and then working in several when I lived in Sydney. Some days got extremely boring, so you would start flicking and spinning bottles and eventually pick up a rhythm. Mind you there was much broken glass after all my shifts. LOL. I also work in a bar here in LA as well.

Be sure to watch the YouTube clip. You can see he sounds as great as he looks!

Besides Hole in the Wall, what else are you working on?

I am currently working on two independent feature films which I am co-writing, producing and also starring in. Hopefully due for release early 2010. But also a national commercial for the Aussie opens next week. Continually modeling for fashion designers, campaigns and editorials. A&F, Men's Exercise, Everlast, Target, Bonds to name a few.

What are you most excited about for 2009?

I guess in my career choice, once you gain success, if you ever do, then its imperative to hold onto it and not crash and burn. So I'm going to make the foundations solid. In saying that, I hope to achieve more exposure and gain experience. Saying I want to be famous in the next year is a little egotistical. At such an age that I am quite proud of how far I have already come. I mean making the move across the other side of the world not knowing anybody was quite a decision. It's almost like being re-born, starting over, but with NOTHING.

Your site mentions you did work on a series called Alma Materas well as webisodes for Flying High. Are they Australian shows?

Flying High was a webisode series in Australia, which only lasted for one run unfortunately. Alma Mater is currently in Post Production here in the states and I think it is going to be a prominent TV series.

If you could work with any actor in the world, who is at the top of your list?

At the top of my list is one of my own, Mr. Hugh Jackman. He is an inspiration to say the least. I also would love to work with Will Smith.

How often do you have to work out to stay in shape?

A time existed when it was difficult for me to get motivated for the gym on a regular basis, but now it is almost like a religion. Just habit really, but I really enjoy it. As a kid I was extremely overweight so I guess that scares me a little to go back to what I was. I'm always told that I am quite boring when it comes to food. As simple as it sounds, you are what you eat. I haven't eaten a french fry, burger or pizza for over a year. I really feel A LOT happier and more content if I have eaten a lean breast of chicken with a salad than a pizza or something. Call me boring, but I love just plain old veggies, fish and white meat. I just don't crave anything else really. I guess if its not worth a sacrifice its not worth it at all.

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

Matt Clifton - Hunk du Jour

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