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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

Our Popular This Week list updates every hour on our sidebar, but now we're taking a snapshot every Saturday and sharing the best of the week with you right here! You can even compare the list with previous weeks to see who's a flash in the pan, and who has some serious staying power!

We're excited to be able to offer you some brand new quick polls now. We found a polling system that you'll be able to use without leaving the site or being subjected to ads and pop-ups! That's a win in our book.

You can check the new polls out on one of our Twilight posts from this week, or yesterday's TPiRness quiz. (Readers via E-mail / RSS will have to visit the site directly to see the fun.)

  1. Naked for a Cause Rugby Calendar 2007
  2. Sexy Football Fitness Model : Luke Guldan
  3. Instinct Cover Model Andrew Oldershaw : Interview
  4. Paul James : Gay Greek Frat Boy
  5. Half Naked Footballers: Podolski, Lahm, Ronaldo, Beckham
  6. Hunk Guide #7 : Around the Web
  7. KADEN : Hunk of the Day
  8. Evan Wadle : Hunk of the Day
  9. Gays on Waves : Surf Beach Session 1
  10. Mister International 2008 : Contestant Ivan Rusilko
  11. Kerry Degman : Hunk of the Day
  12. Ben Godfre : Timoteo Model
  13. Matt Keesler : Actor
  14. Frankie Fallica : Hunk of the Day
  15. Twilight Hottie : Cam Gigandet
  16. Jameson Arasi : Hunk of the Day
  17. Twilight Hottie : Robert Pattinson
  18. Ginch Gonch Kicks Ass With MMA Fighter Ryan Ford
  19. Max Wettstein : Hunk of the Day
  20. Hunk Guide #8 : Around the Web

Check out the rest of the list, after the jump!

  1. Christian Guidi : Hunk of the Day
  2. Rugby Hottie : Danny Cipriani
  3. Jonathan Smith : November Man of Austin
  4. Model Mayhem : Paulo Pascoal
  5. Cam Gigandet : Hunk of the Day
  6. Daniel Miller : Dylan Rosser Photography
  7. David Jensen : Hunk of the Day
  8. Jonathan Smith : Hunk of the Day
  9. Soccer Hottie : Freddie Ljungberg
  10. Jonas Brothers : Joe Jonas
  11. Skye Boyland : Hunk of the Day
  12. Male Model Angel Bonanni: Half Naked Thurs
  13. Interview with Fitness Model Bryan David Thomas
  14. Popular This Week : Week 48, 2008
  15. Basketball Hottie: Wally Szczerbiak
  16. Jordan : Kurtiss Pittman Photography
  17. Tyson Paige : Hunk of the Day
  18. 12/05 Friday TPiRness: The Price Is Right Guys
  19. Mr. World 2007 : Juan Garcia Postigo
  20. Mr. Muscle Man @ the Hunk du Jour Flickr Group
  21. Brady Quinn : Shirtless College Football Star
  22. Nick Beyeler : Hunk of the Day
  23. Hunk Du Jour -- for YOUR page!
  24. Abercrombie & Fitch, Summer 2006
  25. Matus Valent : Hunk of the Day
  26. Ryan Diesel : Male Model, Playgirl Campus Hunk
  27. 12/12 Friday TPiRness: The Price Is Right Guys
  28. 2(x)ist Underwear Fashion Show : TGIF!
  29. aussieBum Rewarding Undies Lovers with Bonus DVD
  30. Zachary Quinto : Sylar's Hot
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