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Silvio - Hunk du Jour

Name: Silvio
Stats: 25 / 5'5" / 115
Status: Single
Find him on: MySpace

Silvio sat down to talk with us about his budding tennis career, language, and what on Earth a Tauren Druid is.

What are you wearing while we do this interview?
Zoo York shorts and underwear. That's not a fair question!

Where are you from?
Houston -- but don't put Houston - put DALLAS.

You're not originally from Houston (or Dallas), are you?
No, I'm originally from Hong Kong.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Los Angeles. I love SoCal. The beach is more accessible there than in Texas, and a lot of my friends and family are there. Also, the level of competition with the tennis players is higher in California than here.

Silvio - Hunk du Jour

Tell me more about you and tennis -- what do you like the most about the sport?
Tennis players play tennis for three reasons... one, to have fun and be sociable. Two, to exercise and be healthy. Lastly, for the competition.

For me, since I've played for so many years, I'm working on the competitive part of my game. I've already found my social circle within the game, and now I use my practices as fun time. The rest of the time is devoted to competition.

Most importantly, I play tennis to have fun. I'll always be a student of the game, which is why I love playing.

You play competitively?
Yes, I compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments. Sometimes scheduling it away from work is tough, though.

I understand you're in school as well.
I'm trying to get certification to teach math, 8-12th grade, I understand math and I never really had trouble with learning it. I've had experience teaching SAT math, so I feel I have the skills to teach it. Plus, math and science teachers are usually in demand, and that's another plus (in terms of finding a job).

Silvio - Hunk du Jour

What can a guy do to get Sil's attention?
I like modest guys -- If I feel like you're modest you'll have my attention. Humor is probably second... humble and strongwilled - in that order.

What about physically?
Eyes first... smile... I kind of like sideburns. Who doesn't like a hot body?

Silvio - Hunk du Jour

Besides tennis, what does Sil do in his spare time?
Usually I'll play the guitar, draw, play online. I'm not much of a phone talker so you won't see me chatting away with text messages or calls. I like dealing with my friends in person.

You play WoW, I understand.
Yes, one of my many addictions I just think all the people I run into in-game are interesting. I wonder why they play who they play. Also, Warcraft saves my wallet. I end up not buying the other console games.

What's your character?
I play a Tauren Druid. Tauren's are part of the Horde, the bad guys. We fight the Alliance players, which are the good guys. I'm a Druid, keepers of nature.

I'm lost.
Anyway. What's Sil going to be doing in 5 / 10 / 15 years?

5 years, I'll be working on my career path and getting ready to get a permanent residence. 10 years... pay off all my major debts. 15 years, I look foward to traveling around the world.

Silvio - Hunk du Jour

Is there anything I'm forgetting?
Yes, I sing in the shower... and I'm multilingual.

What do you sing, and what do you speak?
Oh, random songs... of no particular genre.

I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, and some Russian. Originally I was going to be a Linguistics major, but some advisor told me I was more skilled as an artist. So I listened

Yeah, Arts and Technology was my major... I did video game design.

Silvio - Hunk du Jour

If you could design a video game.... what kind would it be?
I'd make a sci-fi game, definitely with a very elaborate story. I want it to be novel-like so the players can really get to know the characters they're playing. So, in a sense, something epic.

Last thing... what did you think when you were asked to do this interview?
I said let's do it. I'm game.

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