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Jason Gutierrez - Hunk du Jour

Name: Jason Gutierrez
Age: 25
Occupation: Public Affairs Representative for Kaiser Permanente Kern County
Hometown: Bakersfield, Ca
Relationship Status: Single and LOOKING!
Orientation: Gay
Find Him On: MySpace, Website

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Jason Gutierrez - Hunk du Jour

Tomorrow you're doing the Volkslauf Ultimate Challenge Mud Run... what the HECK is that?!?
It's a trip through muddy hell! (laughs) It's the ultimate challenge of fitness -- broken up into a 5k or 10k race that can either be run individually or as a team of four. I am on a team of four with a few coworkers.

We are doing the 10k which is a little over 6 miles of running through mud trenches, and climbing obsticles, belly crawling through pipes and rope climbing - in a word, it's intense

Do all four of you run it together, or do you each take a leg?
It's all together, and what's even better...we all have to finish together! No team mate left behind!

I'm looking up the event and I'm noticing some pretty fit guys in clingy wet clothing, too... a nice bonus, or are y'all entirely too focused during the race to care?
Well, the race may be intense and chaotic, but I'm not one to be too involved to notice wet, muddy hotties! In fact, last year I offered to help a couple over the 6ft walls... Sneaky, right? (laughs)

You live a pretty active life -- is there something that is the pinnacle goal? Climbing a mountain? Running across the country? Anything like that?
Well, I was with someone for a long time and he used to remind me, consistently, that I wasn't as hot or physically fit as he would have liked. We broke up in the beginning of the year... he reminded me of my non-fitness on my 25th birthday this year and it crushed me.

So, after the break up, I did what anyone would do... I dropped 20lbs by working out, eating right and taking a trip to Jackie Warner's life change SkyLab! I didnt do it for him, though. I got in shape for me. I wanted to be the best I could be, feel great, and push myself to experience activities like climb mountains, water raft down the Kern River, and run the 10k mud run. I wanted to uncover a new version of myself.

My next goal, conquer a triathlon! I just need to learn how to swim first! (laughs) I don't think the doggy paddle is going to get me very far!

SkyLab sounds completely intense... what was the experience like? What was the atmosphere?
I went to SkyLab as a freelance journalist writing an article for PASSPORT magazine. I was with a great of 8 extraordinary women who were all battling weight issues or wanting to learn more about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. We were staying at Dolphin Bay in Pismo Beach. It's a luxurious resort that everyone should stay at once in their life.

A typical day consisted of a morning energy shake followed by a 2 hours run/hike, a lecture on health and fitness, lunch, a two hour workout, dinner and a therapy session every other day. We were all on a 1500 calorie diet too!

I wrote a great article but walked away with so much more. The women inspired me not only on a lifestyle change level, but on a personal emotional level too. I believe people are all the same. We all want to be loved, understood and accepted! SkyLab was there for me in one of my most vulnerable times, both emotionally and health wise!

Were you expecting it to have as much of an impact on you as it did?
Honestly, no. I was giddy to meet Jackie Warner - I didnt think for a moment I would be a different person at the end of the experience!

Did you watch a lot of "Work Out" before the experience? I know you're a reality tv fan...
Honestly, and don't tell Jackie, I only saw half of season 1... it was prior to my reality show addiction! But I assure you I will be hooked on season 3 of work out!

Ok, our lips are sealed. ...oh, wait...
Hi Jackie! I'm still sweating for you! (laughs)

I saw you were recently auctioned off for charity -- what was that all about? How did it go?
Anything for the children, right? My PR job for Kaiser Permanente allows me to be heavily involved in community relations and nonprofit events. So, when the Homeless Center in Bakersfield said they needed bachelors for their annual auction fundraiser, I said ok!

It was simple - dress in Western wear and jump around on stage, dance with some drunk women and make a little money for their children's care programs. I went for $800! Although, people from work pooled their money together to buy me! Which I'm indebted to! Imagine, a hungry cougar could have paid for me and mauled me!

Oh my! Those cougars do get a little handsy after a few cocktails too...

Folks reading might not know that much about it -- why is the defeat of Proposition 8 such a huge deal?
I know I want to be married one day, It's what we grow up seeing and wanting to experience. I think to ban that dream for anyone is inhuman and shouldn't be tolerated. However, I hope the gay and lesbian community don't look at this the only obstacle in life. I think we are always going to have an uphill battle to win in the eyes of the majority. If gay marriage remains legal in Calif. I hope we don't take it for granted, live our lives for us and inspire future generations, not hope to manipulate them!

Well put... so get out there and fricking VOTE people! And donate a few bucks to the "No on Prop 8" campaign for pete's sake! :)

Now lighter topics... Who are you rooting for on Project Runway?
WOW....that's tough. I think I'm crossing my fingers for either LeAnn of Kenley. Kenley has a bad attitude, but remarkable talent. LeAnn is lacking a little on personality but speaks volumes with her designs. Either one would be great.

But, the real question is! When are we going to see the designs of the winners in mainstream fashion? (And, please, please, please, let's have some designers from the show make a men's line!)

So do you think Kenley really was a mega bee-otch, or just an unfortunate victim of reality show editing??
I think she's rough around the edges, doesn't take critisism well, because she's never had to and likes to be in control. It's probably due to her upbringing.

What's the best new show of Fall 2008... (so far?)
The return of Heroes is by far the best! Im a comic and scifi fan! Fringe is great too!

We're big Heroes fans too... why did Peter have to go and pick you-know-who's brain, though?!? That can't end well...
He needs all the powers possible to keep the balance, he's the beginning and the end of all the's classic! My only concern is there's not enough shirtless scenes for Peter!

A situation that definitely has to be rectified... thanks so much for talking with us, Jason!

Jason Gutierrez - Hunk du Jour

Jason Gutierrez - Hunk du Jour
Jason Gutierrez - Hunk du Jour

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