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Will Wikle - Hunk du Jour

Will Wikle may have started out on reality television on Big Brother, but he's up on the big screen now in Another Gay Sequel. This raunchy gay answer to teen sex comedies has headed off to the beach, and from the sound of it we aren't exactly talking about the next Frankie & Annette film.

Check out our exclusive interview with Will after the jump -- plus a link to a photo from this sultry photo shoot he did with photographer Rick Day that is even too hot for HDJ!

How did you get involved with Another Gay Sequel?
Well, everything for me has kind of been like a serendipitous situation. I got off Big Brother and right at that time they were starting LOGO television, and I did LOGO for a long time.

I was in the gym one day with this friend who's on a soap opera and he was saying that he'd just auditioned for a movie and didn't get it, but thought that I would be perfect for it. I thought that it sounded fun, and I loved the first movie (Another Gay Movie), so I asked him to tell me about it. He gave me the casting director's information and I forwarded over my reel, which is not an acting real but a hosting reel. She called me in for an audition and next thing I knew I had the part!

Honestly, out of everything I've ever done -- this was what felt like home for me. Being in front of a camera as myself is a little more difficult and vulnerable, but when you get to be someone else it's this whole different level of fun and creativity and safety. And I don't feel as personally responsible for the material, even though I do through my performance... it's almost like it's not me, do you know what I mean?

It's really freeing being able to step into somebody instead of having to represent "yourself" onscreen.

Yourself, right -- and I LOVE that. I really gelled with the whole creative process... I really wanted to "bring it" and so I took it seriously. Now that it's a success I wanna keep doing it more. But definitely taking more classes! I've seen through this project that the acting is a lot harder than it looks. If you really want to inhabit a character and do a character justice you really have to "be there," and you have to listen to the other actors as their characters and be in the moment at all times... that can be really complicated! I'm starting to take classes, and sort of feeling out where I am with all of this.

Did you do Another Gay Sequel as an exploration 'cos it sounded fun, or were you thinking acting was something that you wanted to get into?

Well, I'd always secretly dreamed of haing a chance to be an actor, but when you grow up in Mississippi and you're gay and kind of femme -- the fag in the lunchroom -- you don't feel like you have a lot of options for yourself, 'cos you see all these action heroes and teen idols and don't think you can fit into that demographic so what should would I have?

So you don't really take yourself seriously, and now that I think things have come so far and there's so many opportunities for gay stories to be told -- Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters... any show on ABC really -- to me, if I'm going to continue to act, I honestly only want to tell stories that I'm passionate about. I'm not saying I'll never play a straight guy, but I feel so much more drawn to stories that I feel tied to.

Tell us a little about the movie series, and where this picks up in the story.

It's like a gay spoof on teen movies and popular culture movies. The first one was really, really heavily spoofing American Pie and this one is set at the beach on Spring Break and it's spoofing teen beach movies -- everything from the Brady Bunch to Heathers and Mean Girls to Carrie and some of the horror films. It has everything -- a little something for everyone. The writer/director Todd is a creative gross-out genius... it's kind of John Waters meets Amy Heckerling -- he has a strong sensibility about telling stories that are about young people while at the same time making them nasty and crazy funny.

Yeah, the original film was full of pretty graphic comedy and imagery and stuff. Are they keeping that same kind of madcap level, or taking it even further?

Oh my god... this one takes it to a whole 'nother level. It's so funny, every time we've screened it so far at festivals we've managed to have four walkouts. And when you manage to offend the gay people, it's like... Wow, you've really thrown a lot out there ya know?

There's one scene that happens in the middle that is where we lose people -- it's really extreme. Thank god I didn't have to participate in that one! It's pretty out there!

You played Jasper... or one of three of these evil Jaspers. Tell us a little bit about him.

My storyline is a spoof on mean girls everywhere -- from Heathers to Regina George in Mean Girls. Anyone who has ever terrorized the heroines in a movie. That's who we're spoofing -- so my director told me (and I really liked this advice) he saw Jasper as less Regina George and more like Johnny, the villain from the first Karate Kid movie. But if Johnny were a hateful, bossy bottom!

Jasper is intent on making the sex lives of the four "good guys" miserable, and he succeeds quite a few times.

Whenever I've seen you onscreen you come off as this really nice, together guy. How do you tap into that inner bitch to be able to bring Jasper to life?

I thought going back to growing up, and kind of being the outcast in a lot of respects... having to play second fiddle to all your friends. Being gay, you half always dream (secretly) of being the captain of the cheerleaders for a day -- what it would feel like to have the boys attention and say whatever you want, people hanging on your every word -- just because it is something that is so unfamiliar to us. To be able to tap into that fantasy for just a minute and play someone so ruthlessly mean -- something about it is kind of cathartic in a way.

Like you were saying, you got your start in reality TV on Big Brother and then as a host on LOGO Television. How does that affect the jobs that you get, actually going out and landing gigs. Does it help out? Does it hold you back from anything?

I can say I've just tried to -- I'm not ashamed of anything I've done, and if I had never done Big Brother I would not be talking to you now must likely. Everything has been a ladder, climbing from one rung to the next. I definitely have moved on from Big Brother (I didn't want to do all stars)... I don't want to go back to that world, but I'm definitely thankful that they gave me the opportunity. I think it only affects you as much as you let it -- there are a lot of people, I think, that do reality television that cling to it as a life preserver. It's gonna be their ticket to the next level. You kind of have to be appreciative for what it was, but you have to also realize that if you want to do anything -- you might make a few connections here and there, but you have to start off at ground zero like everyone else.

For example, for me getting this part in Another Gay Sequel -- the director had never seen Big Brother, he didn't see me on Logo. He had no idea who I was, and cast me in this movie... I got this movie like everyone else -- no special treatment or any consideration. It's one of those things where it's a great way to MEET people in the industry, but you definitely have to bring your own game.

Reality shows get you nothing -- and I think that's the way it should be. Compete on the shows as a game show, but it's not a training ground for hosting or anything. You can meet some important people -- but it's up to you to go back and work on yourself and come back with something to offer.

Are you still doing nursing? Is that the day job for you -- what's going on on that front?

Oh definitely. I keep all of my things going. I'm one of those people, a typical sagittareus, that likes my life completely overloaded... it's funny, 'cos I try to bitch about it but I know if one thing wasn't there I'd be miserable. I don't deal well with "free time" -- I like to be doing something all the time. I nurse, I'm in grad school, and am still active even during these entertainment projects as they come.

You mentioned having a schedule that is so jam-packed full of everything... what would the average week look like for you? How many hours do you spend working on school stuff, working, are you auditioning?

Well, I say this -- and this always kind of blows people's minds. I did summer school, which you know is even more intense than the regular semester... and between nursing, promoting the movie, getting ready for my next movie, and going to school -- I didn't have a single day off from the day after Memorial Day until August 8th... including weekends! It was nuts.

In more general terms -- What are you reading?
Barbara Walters' Audition

What are you listening to right now?
I have to say, my guilty pleasure admission is that I'm the biggest Britney Spears fan ever... I've been obsessed with Blackout, her last studio album. Even the critics gave it great reviews, I just guess she was such a hot mess that she couldn't promote it?

I listen to it on the subway, while working out... it's my favorite album.

What are you watching right now?
Bravo is my television lifeline, whether it's Project Runway, Kathy Griffin, and I can't wait for the Rachel Zoe project. They do such a great job showcasing these really extreme personalities, and so if Bravo's selling it I'm buying it.

Also, the other thing I need to give props to is Wendy Williams... ahh, such a mess! She's a radio personality in New York on Hot 97. She started a daytime talk show and it's just a mess... and I love it.

Ok, word association time! Say the first thing that pops in your head when I say...

Acting? Scary.

Reality Television? Gag.

Travel? Sexy.

Oh, that was my next word! Sexy? Shemar Moore.

Exciting? Sex.

Hunk du Jour? Joseph Goode -- I've been obsessed with him on Hunk du Jour lately.

Another Gay Sequel? Lots and lots and lots of sex... on and off camera.

Hahaha -- was this the most amount of time you've spent around porn stars?
There were definitely a high concentration, for sure...

Will Wikle - Hunk du Jour

Will Wikle Cropped - Hunk du Jour

The uncropped original version of this photo is probably click with caution. Another Gay Sequel is playing around the country this month, check out for more information!

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