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James - Hunk du Jour

Age: 18
Current Location: new york, new york
Relationship Status: single
Occupation: student
Height/Weight: 5'9", 140 lbs
Found On: DList

What are you wearing as you answer these questions?
a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt. lounge clothes.. nothing insanely sexy.

What is it about showers that you love? What is the longest one you think you have taken?
the shower is pretty much the only place i feel like i'm actually alone in the world, which i think is fairly important. it's just a good time to process everything going on, especially if i'm upset. the longest one i've ever taken was in between three and four hours right after a horrific breakup where i just sat on the floor staring at the ceiling.. then i got over it and stopped being a little bitch.

What makes you a bad ass?
i think the only thing that makes me a bad ass is being completely and utterly apathetic towards others' conceptions of me. no matter who or where you are, there are always going to be people who dislike you. you just have to roll with the punches and walk down the streets of new york like you're the greatest fucking thing since sliced bread.

If you could be on any reality tv show that you wanted which one would it be?
it would have to be one that wasn't a competition of any sort, because i would probably get my stupid ass voted off the island first or something like that. i hate losing. pretty much the only thing i have planned after college is to go on whatever season of 'the real world' is recording then and be turned into a huge tv persona.

If you had to give up all of the follow except one which would you keep? Facebook, Dlist, Myspace or Livejournal?
oh god. let's see. myspace i could do without because i got over that in high school. livejournal, while cathartic, could just as easily be done in an actual notebook (besides "oh no they didn't", which i'm obsessed with). it'd be between dlist and facebook. ego-boosts from strangers or internet conversations with people i actually know? ugh. too hard to choose.

What do you want to do when you finish school?
after 'the real world' and however many of those reality alumni challenges i can do before my fifteen minutes of fame is up, i'm looking to go into something with advertising or the arts or something like that. i have no idea.. probably why i still haven't picked a major.

What makes New Jersey great?
new jersey is great because it's home. everyone can say whatever the fuck they want to about it, but i've lived there for eighteen years and i love it. the beach is my life and i can't wait to share my hometown with whoever i end up with.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
my initial reaction to this question was that i would be more politically correct, but then i realized that wouldn't be me at all. i guess i wish i was a bit more willing to show my true colors to people i'm not so close with.. my friends know i have a thousand layers and strangers pretty much think i'm a pompous douche. i'm nice, i promise.

What is the most exciting thing you have done so far this year? How about in your life?
the most exciting thing i've done this year is work at kmart over the summer. no, really. you'd be surprised. anything is what you make it. as for the most exciting thing of my life.. i don't think i've reached that point yet. it's coming though, i can feel it.

James - Hunk du Jour

James - Hunk du Jour
James - Hunk du Jour
James - Hunk du Jour

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