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Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour

Your Name: Brandon a.k.a. "Redlantern"
Age: 26.66
Current Location: New London, CT (the Gay Desert of America)
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Graphic/web designer, photographer
Height/Weight: 5'9"/he won't tell
Found On: DList and his blog.

Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour

What are you wearing as you answer these questions?
A sky-blue Aeropostale t-shirt, blue and brown plaid Arizona shorts and a matching beaded necklace. I know, pretty "white," huh?

You list Big Brother as a favorite show. Which season was your favorite?
Good question! With the demise of American society, this show just gets better and better, so I'd have to say it's a tie between season 9 and 10!

Who were some of your favorite houseguest of all time?
Son of a whore, there's WAY too many! I guess I'll just have to narrow it down:

MONICA (season 2); we knew she was STRAIGHT from the hood, but she kept it classy and professional. Although she played a very respectable game, there were a couple of inevitable "negroidian slips" where she had no choice but to take a chunk out of people's necks for acting stank. And what great moments those were!

JUSTIN (season 4/Alison's ex); the epitome of my wet dreams and wild fantasies, his dark hair, light eyes and wrestler's build corrupted my pure and innocent soul.

KAYSAR (seasons 6 and 7); aside from my need to support fellow graphic designers, he's gorgeous and was a persistent and loyal houseguest. I appreciated his game play, but he unfortunately got shafted. That's okay. I'd let a man like that fight for me ANY day!

NICK (season 8) was another INSANELY-hot jock who happened to be a very, very nice guy -- we all know that's near impossible to come by. Not to mention, he said a few things that led me to believe he was teetering on the gay Kinsey scale. Could there be a God after all?

DANIELE (season 8); we'll always remember her assholic father, Evel Dick, but I don't think she got enough credit for having to deal with her personal issues on live TV. She may have been a villain one day and a heroine the next, but despite her issues, she played the game well and even came in second.

Quick funny story... I dated a guy that looks very similar to Memphis, so this season has been bitter/sweet for me.

Who did you want to win this season? How about now that it is the final 4?
I had a feeling that Dan was going to win it, but I wouldn't have been upset if Memphis or Keesha did. I can do without Jerry and all the douche-baggery that comes with him, but if I had to pick one houseguest, I'd probably choose Keesha. She seems to be the least sneaky out of all of them.

Who were some of the best American Idol contestants that didn't win?
Out of all the seasons, Jennifer Hudson, Kimberley Locke, Bo Bice, Syesha Mercado and Chris Daughtry were some of the best. Among them, I think it's safe to say that they've had some mainstream success outside the competition and you can definitely find them on my iPod.

Do you think gay marriage should play apart in this year's election?
What SHOULDN'T play a part in this year's election? I understand that gay marriage is a touchy subject and our presidential candidates have to be real careful about how to address an issue that affects a small percentage of the American population, but Jesus Christ... there's GOT to be a way to make things fair for everyone.

Ontario, Canada, for instance, hasn't gone up in flames for legalizing same-sex marriage and I highly doubt the States would either. Let's call it for what it is.... Gays aren't going anywhere, so we might as well integrate our society. Ultimately, I don't think religion should
be intertwined with the government anyway, so that in itself may be the issue.

Do you think gay men should be republicans?
You know what? I think people should be or represent whatever they want, but they should fully understand what it is they're representing. I'm not one to really care about people's personal choices, BUT if we, as gay Americans, expect to move forward, the
choices we make should reflect that, whatever political party we choose to support.

You list cook books as your favorite literature. Which book should we pick up?
That's right! I like instructional literature. Definitely check out "Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen," by Kevin and Nancy Mills, and if you like Asian cuisine, pick up "The Wok Cookbook," by Linda Doeser.

Do you cook and if so what is the best thing you make?
I sure DO cook! My mac and cheese remains the most requested, but I make a mean pesto sauce, baked turkey drumsticks and a garlic and basil chicken dish. I've just added swish chard to my menu too.

You say you don't work out (neither do we - hahaha) How do you stay in shape?
Honestly? I'm a fat kid trapped in a swimmer's body. I don't think of myself as being "in shape" -- I could use a few pounds for sure. I shamelessly love food, but my metabolic rate is probably high enough to free the world of its fossil fuel dependency. Therefore, my build remains what it is. However, for general health reasons, I'm conscious of my diet. I don't drink beer or keep soda in my fridge and I go easy on the sweets (unless I have a pregnancy urge). I occasionally like to play racquetball and beach volleyball, so there's SOME athletic activity going on, but for the most part, I'm au natural.

What do you look for in a guy?
Ha! If I can find a guy who can meet the bare-bones basics, I'd be happy! First of all, he needs to know what he wants and what he has to offer because I like to feel secure and be kept grounded. I get a lot of shit for this, but I date masculine white/Latino guys who are near my age, outgoing, thoughtful and able to make me laugh. On a much
deeper level, honesty, compassion and empathy are important qualities I watch for. Aside from the obvious, he's got to have conversation and communication skills as well as independence.

Physically, I go for guys who are bigger than me (in height and/or weight), but realistically in shape. That's not to say I require a model's body -- I actually prefer a little pudge -- but I don't seek "delicate" guys. Looks are only a piece of the pie and I'm not really picky anyway, but I know it when I see it. Lastly, drugs, excessive drinking and smoking are deal breakers, and yes, that includes weed and poppers. Ew!

What is the perfect first date?
A date that leaves us impatient and excited for the next one!

Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour

Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour
Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour
Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour
Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour
Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour
Brandon Redlantern - Hunk du Jour

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