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Brad Chamberlin - Hunk du Jour

Name: Brad Chamberlin
Age: 24
Current Location: Orlando, Fl
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Property Managment
Height & Weight: 6'0, 180lbs
Find on: MySpace, DList

What are you wearing as you answer these questions?
Work out shorts & no shirt

How many times have you been to Disney or Disney World?
3 times so far! :)

If you had to name the best American Idol contestants of all time who would your top three be?
Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood & David Cook

You love cars so if you could own any car in the world what would you drive?
The 2010 CTS Coupe

How often in a week do you work out?
5 times a week normally

What was the best road trip you have ever taken?
To Pittsburgh (when i lived in Columbus) and it was around Halloween so when we got there they had a big party going on downtown and we had a blast!

MySpace, Dlist or Facebook? Which steals the most of your time?

How many tattoo's do you have? Plan on getting any more?
5 currently, 1 this coming weekend and another soon

If you could only buy your clothes from one store where would you shop?
Hmmm that would be tough! Probably universal gear

What do you want for Christmas?
Just to see everyone back in Ohio!

Brad Chamberlin - Hunk du Jour

Brad Chamberlin - Hunk du Jour

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