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Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour

We chatted with model Garrett Forbes about life in the business, and his fellow models and photographers.

Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour

by Christian Arias Photography
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You started modeling at a pretty young age... and acting at an even younger age! What drew you into the business? What is keeping you in it now?
I have always loved movies growing up. I used to watch Alfred Hitchcock films growing up as a kid. I remember my dad used to take me to the video store and I would pick out a new movie each week. "I Love Lucy" made me love acting even more. I feel that the show is one of the best productions ever made still to this day. I always loved dancing growing up and got together neighbors and family to watch. As time went on I got into theatre and fell in love with acting. Modeling and acting is just within me. It is my passion. It is what makes me happy and I can't see myself doing anything else.

How busy have you been this year? What kind of projects are the most interesting and/or exciting for you?
I have been very busy. I recently went on a vacation with my family. It was nice to have a change of pace. I feel like I am always on the go. I have some new project in the works everyday. Runway is something I love to do. If I could do runway everyday of my life I would. My dream is to do runway for Prada, Burberry, Energie, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

You also have some other creative outlets -- what can you tell us about those?
I write music on the side. It was something that just became natural when I was in high school. I did home schooling and when I had free time outside of the casting in San Francisco I would write music. One of my poems actually got published in a book. My Creative Writing teacher (Mrs. Sticker) actually submitted it. It was very cool. I also love to dance. I used to take a lot of dancing classes growing up. I turned my garage at my house into a dance studio. I would do dance productions and make up new routines everyday. I am a very active person. I love the arts in general.

Do you think having those outlets helps you in your professional life? How?
Yes, everybody needs outlets that they enjoy to stay in touch with who they are and to keep a sense of balance in their life. I am a free spirit and I don't hold myself back from being me. I don't try to fit anyone's mold. I am who I am and I do not try to be anyone other then myself it has helped me tremendously.

What would your dream gig be? What kinds of things can you do now to help make that a reality?
My dream gigs are doing runway shows for Prada, Burberry, Energie, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. I would love to do add campaigns for all those designers as well. I love all those designers clothes so much. I feel hard work and persistence will make it happen.

Describe one of your least pleasurable professional experiences.
I would say I am a very humble person. I treat everyone the same. I don't care who you are we are all equals. I would say doing a runway show backstage with some other male models. Some of them were just freaking out trying to tell the designer and the hair and makeup team that their style looked like s**t. They were so difficult to work around because they wanted everything there way. I will never forgot one model literally started taking photos of himself with his camera phone sent it to his friend and called them and was like "look at what they made me look like I look like s**t I am so pissed"

Who are some of the models that you idolize? Who do you look towards in that field for inspiration?
I idolize Jessica Stam, Gemma Ward, and Kate Moss. I secretly have crushes on all of them. I would be honored to work with all of them. For inspiration I can find it anywhere. Going to an art gallery, even walking down the street. My head is always thinking of creating something new and fashionable for the fashion world. I love making fashion statements and new trends. I am starting to except that when I go out in public people notice me so my philosophy is to make a statement.

Who are the Top 5 male models we should be watching on Hunk du Jour?
Eddie Klint
Clement Chabernaud
Mat Gordon
Luke Worrall

Who are the Top 5 photographers we should follow?
David LaChapelle
Steven Klein
Bruce Weber
Steven Meisel
Terry Richardson

What is the nicest feedback you've received?
A kid from overseas wrote me a really nice letter and asked if I would like to be apart of this charity auction last June for Foyle Hospice. It was really touching and I was honored to even be considered to be apart of it. My goal is to use my face to try and make this world a better place. There are many charities that I want to be involved with. I admire what Angelina Jolie has done with her fame to make good.

Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour

Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour
Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour
by Christian Arias
Enlarge Photo

Garrett Forbes, Model - Hunk du Jour

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