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Steve Wright - Hunk du Jour

Height/Weight: 5'11" / 70kg
Occupation: Technical Training Coordinator
Find Him At: Facebook, LiveJournal

On Mondays we like to accost strangers and ask them to appear on the site. Today's victim is Steve 'Stevivor' Wright! Steve comes clean on his obsession with one boy band in particular, Australia, and his favorite Mario Kart Wii character.

Steve Wright - Hunk du Jour

So, first off, what's up with "Stevivor"? How did that come about?
Survivor was in Australia, and I first came (to Australia) that year, so it's a mixture of names.

You're originally from Canada?
Yep, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

How did you end up in Australia?
Working holiday...then met a guy -- and that didn't work... and then another -- and that didn't work... and then another -- and that stopped working.

What did your family say when you told them "Hey, I'm moving to Australia"?
I told them from they didn't say much. I think they understood it made me happy, so I thank them for it.

What are you wearing right now?
Old scuzzy clothes cause I'm packing up (the ex's), eh?

Steve Wright - Hunk du Jour

In addition to the tech work, you're also busy... modeling?
Yep, and writing.

We'll get back to the writing in a bit - first, how did you end up doing the modeling?
A friend owns a clothes shop and asked, and I said yes....there's not much too it, unfortunately. Kinda fell in.

Did you ever expect you'd be modeling clothes?
I still don't think I should be, actually!

Tell me about the writing - what do you write / are you working on?
I write for the leading local gay publication in Melbourne called MCV... News, features on technology and local arts, really. I get to write about Wiis, Xbox360s, and the like lately...and therefore, I have to test the it's a rough job.

That reminds me - I still have yet to battle you at Mario Kart. What's your favorite track / character on Kart?
DK's Summit -- and Mii, of course! I'm narcissistic.

Steve Wright - Hunk du Jour

For those of us north of the Equator, what's the gay scene like in Australia?
A bit of the same, really. Sydney can be like Priscilla of the Desert suggests, but Melbourne is more laid back.

What's on the DVR/iPod these days?
Battlestar Galactica, Sex and the City, Backstreet Boys (as always), Robyn, Jason Mraz.

The Backstreet Boys?!
Oh yeah, i'm hard-core.

Do you travel often?
Not as much as I should, I need to get home more often. NY was the best trip I've ever taken. I hated just didn't feel like a welcoming place. London and Paris are coming up and I'm so looking to experience a small part of Europe.

Let's say you have the night off. What's on the game plan?
Weekday - warm snuggles in bed with a TOTALLY legally obtained television show. Weekend - dinner, good conversations with friends, and a good boogie

My biggest vices are.... ?
Romance, Coronas, and cheesecake.

What do you see yourself doing in 10/20/30?
In 10...that'd be 36.... writing full-time, living in comfort and style, still being as romantic as I try to be. At 46... aging disgracefully...going through a mid-life crisis for kicks so I can buy a new car and just shake things up a bit... At 56...hopefully be able to look back and review the life I've had to that point, and be able to pick out where I learned from my mistakes and bettered myself.

Steve Wright - Hunk du Jour

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