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Besides the fact that I think he is adorable, he watches almost every single TV show that I watch. For me there is nothing sexier. Here is today's MySpace Monday.

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

Name: Mac
Age: 19
Current Location: Gainesville, FL Between 5'3" & 5'4"; Weight usually is around 120
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Found On: MySpace & DList

What are you wearing right this second?
UF basketball shorts. (Go Gators!)

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

In your Interest you list "drinking" above sleeping and eating....Do you think that means you have an issue?
It means I'm in college! If I have three equal desires that were 1) get drunk with friends, 2) eat food, and 3) go to bed, I would do all of them in that order.

You have several youtube videos of yourself and friends. How often are you recording "life"?
Typically once every 2 or 3 weeks or so. Really, though, it's whenever I feel like I should, or when my life is somewhat interesting. Most of the time, though, it's not.

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

What is your current favorite show on TV?
Favorite show at the moment is probably a tie between "The Office" and "30 Rock", which is great since they're back-to-back and I can just veg out for that full hour and laugh.

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?
Strangest thing I've ever eaten would be a bull's testicles. I was on a farm in Australia and they are apparently a delicacy. I saw the bull get castrated in front of me, and his balls were cooked over and open flame and passed around. They weren't bad. A little tough.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to do anything involved with TV or Film (perhaps that's obvious by all the videos I make?). I love every aspect of those industries and if I got a job doing anything within them, whether it be writing, directing, acting, whatever, I would be happy. I actually just finished a gig about a month ago working as a production assistant on a new reality show for the Golf Channel. It was my first real experience with an actual TV show and it was a ridiculous amount of fun, but it was also pretty tiring. 16-hour workdays for 11 days straight can really get to you.

What time do you wake up tomorrow?
I supposedly work at 8, but since it's currently the summer break (I work on campus), I can go in pretty much whenever, so I'm going to say I'll probably wake up at 10. Of course it all depends on how much drinking I do with my buddies tonight...

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and made a pose?
I don't really make "poses", but I do find myself looking at myself and just making a face, which I guess could count as a "Blue Steel" pose.

When was the last time you were either drunk or tipsy?
Last night! I went to a friend's graduation party and had a few beers and then he made me a few kamikaze shots (triple sec, vodka, and lime). Delicious.

If you could change something about yourself or in your life right now what would you change?
I would give myself a better-paying job, or a winning lottery ticket or something. I'm always broke. Luckily I haven't turned to prostituting myself yet.

How many times a day do you think "I'm awesome"?
A day? I hardly think that every day. I usually think that after I make a funny joke or do something that makes people laugh. That always makes me feel good.

MySpace Monday's Mac - Hunk du Jour

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