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Jayson - Hunk du Jour

Name: Jayson
Age: 26
Stats: 5'9", 135lbs, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Relationship Status: Single (hopelessly so.. ugh)
Occupation: Associate Producer & Production Manager for a production company

What are you wearing right now, as we do this (at 2am)?
My red Harvard sweatshirt, and American Eagle gray / blue shorts

AE -- one of your jobs over the last few years... what HAVEN'T you done at this point?
Ummm... Managed to find romance?!

Jayson - Hunk du Jour

Seriously, you've worked in TV, at a casino, in IT, and in theaters... now, you're an associate producer? What does an associate producer (in your capacity) do?
It's kinda hard to define... I create budgets for the projects that our company produces, develop and maintain talent files for these projects, coordinate the technical aspects of the productions from set construction down to wardrobe design to lighting design - basically anything related with the technical side of a production.

Without delving too much into it, what does your company produce?
Expos, large scale corporate events, themed shows, symphonic productions.. . many of them having to deal with magic and the like.

What do you look for in a guy?
Honesty, compassion, a large romantic side... someone who's grounded, secure and able to provide for himself both emotionally as well as someone else emotionally. I mean - I'm just a hopeless romantic, a rare one in the gay world - I know.

What's on the DVR / your iPod right now?
Nothing - I have neither!

Going back -- you have a theatre background, obviously... what's your favorite show? How about the favorite show you've ever been in?
Ummm.. Favorite all-time show: Little Shop of Horrors... favorite show I've been in: Tommy... favorite show I've designed: The Last Five Years. There's more than just that.. But since I have to narrow it down to just one...

You lived for a while in NYC, but moved back home to KC... ever considered leaving? What makes KC so special to you?
When I was interviewing for my new job, (my employer) asked me how important staying in KC was on a scale of 1-10. I said a 4 - 4.5. There's nothing really keeping me in KC but stability and it's 'HOME'... a house can be sold, and things can be put in storeage... I've outgrown KC, but really there's nothing calling me one way or
another. So for now, it is a good life! I wouldn't mind living in LA, since I was just there last week. As I travel more, I might find another good place to be.

I know you have very little free time... when you DO have free time, what do you do?
Well - when my show closes on the 20th, I'll only have ONE job - so I'll have a TON more free time... but I'm pretty much a homebody. I watch movies, hang out with friends, do arts and crafts, get outside and muck around in the flower bed.

You have 2 cats?

Tell me about them.
Suzie, a grey and white tabby and Bette... she's a "tux kitty": all black with white paws and a white patch on her chest. Suzie is old and crotchity and social. Bette is physco and nuts and doesn't like to be looked at.

Oh, lovely.
Yeah - anyone want a cute and sweet black and white kitty?

Boxers or briefs?
Depends on where in the week I am... because of laundry.

When you get up in the morning, what do you look forward to?
Going back to bed eventually. I don't know... I guess what I really look forward to is the unknown. I don't know what the day will bring - and I hope it brings something happy.

When I asked you to do this interview, the first thing you thought was...
Obviously the criteria for a "hunk" has gone way down.

Jayson - Hunk du Jour

Jayson - Hunk du Jour
Jayson - Hunk du Jour
Jayson - Hunk du Jour

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