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Just a quick programming note: I've written a guest blog over at Towleroad today, talking about some of the events at my alma mater surrounding the Day of Silence. Rev. Ken Hutcherson will be protesting at the campus today because of the school GSA's participation in the national event.

'Day of Silence' Met with Protests, Solidarity in Rural Washington

That fact that there is a Gay-Straight Alliance at all in my former high school is something that gives me hope for the future. Such an organization seemed far from possible when I was attending, and drawing attention to the bullying surrounding queer youth only helps create an environment of tolerance for everyone. Now, even other religious organizations are getting into the dialog -- saying, "Hutcherson does not speak for us."

I appreciate your readership (and patience when I stray from our site's topic.)

[ 'Day of Silence' Met with Protests, Solidarity in Rural Washington - Guest Post at Towleroad ]

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