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MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

Age: 24 (May 6, 1983)
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle.
Height/weight: 6'1"/185lbs
Occupation: Public Programs Supervisor for a Non-Profit Organization.

What are you wearing as you read these questions?
As little as possible! Spring is almost in the air and I can feel it. My work week starts back tomorrow and being in a stuffy uniform all week drives me nuts! My lazy weekends usually result in lounging around in my undies and a tee until I deem it time to get dressed (which is mid-to-late afternoon).

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

Read the full Q&A and see even more photos right here! Kris is also one of the organizers for the Redondo Beach Earth Day Celebration on Wednesday Saturday, April 19th.

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UPDATE: Chris forgot how to use a calendar and told you that April 19th was a Wednesday. It's actually a Saturday.

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

What should a visitor do in L.A. if they were there on a Saturday?
A Saturday in LA, you say? If I was to make a day of it, I would wake up nice and early, grab some breakfast at Rex's Cafe in San Pedro (amazing, healthful California cuisine), load up the beach cruiser in my car, go for a nice, long bike ride on the Strand in Manhattan Beach towards the Redondo Beach pier, and spend the early afternoon soaking in the sun at the beach!

One of my favorite Saturday activites happens during the summer here in LA. Every Saturday night during the summer, there is a movie showing at the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Imagine watching classic films, like "The Exorcist" or "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" being projected on the side of a huge mosuleum with about 500 other people. You can even bring in picnic baskets with food and "adult beverages." So much fun!

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

What exactly does a Public Programs Supervisor do?
I love my job! As I mentioned earlier, I am the Public Programs Supervisor for a non-profit. The non-profit I work for is actually the largest "youth and young adult" non-profit in the nation. The big picture is we give under-represented youth and young adults (ages 18-24) the opportunity to get back to school and get their high school diploma or GED while working in the environment and give back to the community.

For me, I work at the only public facility run by the non-profit. As Public Program Supervisor, it is my responsibility to develop and organize classes, lectures, program, fundraisers and other events that helps keep our name in the community and in the paper.

The neat thing that makes me love my job is combining the big picture with my focus. I develop the programs, but instead of me teaching the class or giving the lecture, I teach it to my "corpsmembers" (pronounced "coremember", which is like an intern), and then they are the ones who actually run whatever it was that I came up with. I then help critique their teaching or public interaction and make sure they learn and grow from their experiences.

Quick shamless plug: I am also in charge of planning the City of Redondo Beach's Earth Day Celebration! Come out and celebrate with us on April 19!

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

You state you love to wash your face and organize your desk. How many items are currently on your desk and what types of things?
I am such a minimalist when it comes to my work space! If my desk is cluttered, I go into "panic!" mode and really struggle to get anything done (I think that's a sure sign of OCD). So, my desk only has the bare essentials. I have my landline phone, my desktop computer, my cellphone, a big 30-day monthly desk calendar (which all events, appointments, meetings and important dates are color coded), my recent literary read, my change dish and my fish, Okama. Heck, take a look for yourself!

The Desk - Hunk du Jour

Okama - Hunk du Jour

What is your face washing product of choice?
Cleaning my face is the favorite part of my day; I use this wonderful contraption called the Neutrogena Wave. It's this small, vibrating thing (heh) that you slap on a cleaning pad, run it under water and then go to town on your face. Seriously, you guys, my face has never felt cleaner. I use that, followed by a vegan face moisturizer and I'm good to go. I also use C.O. Bigelow Brown Sugar Face Polish once or twice a week to help keep things smooth and fresh.

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

Why do you think gay guys are obsessed with Target?
Don't even get me started on Target! I've spent many hours just aimlessly wandering around. I go in, determined to get just ONE thing, and end up leaving with a basket full of stuff that I knew I couldn't live without. Target is just that great resource that has turned into a one-stop shop. If I need an iced-venti-quad shot-skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks, some Febreeze, some blank CD-Rs, chapstick, a neck tie and a waffle maker... I know exactly where to go. Us gays, we're no suckers. We're all about the convenience.

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life what brand would it be?
I only wear briefs from American Apparel. I lost track of how many pairs I have, in assorted colors. My friends call them my "manties."

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

In 2007 you dubbed it the year of Dolly Parton. Do you really think 2008 will be the year of Charo?
In my own world, yes, 2008 will forever be the Year of Charo. For the rest of the world.... the verdict is still out. :P Maybe this interview will help get the word out! How can you not love her? Check out this amazing video:

What is one thing that people could do to help the environment that they probably are not doing?
One thing that I learned early on in my conservation efforts that it is very difficult to get people to do something "new" when they've done something routine for their entire lives. What I recommend is to start small, get used to a new routine and then slowly build off of that! For example, don't use plastic bags at the grocery store! Keep a set of reusable cloth bags in your car with you at all times so you won't forget them at home!

Also, check out your local farmer's market! Produce that we buy in the grocery store comes from all over the world. Think of how much fossil fuel is wasted to get that pear or plum sitting on your counter if it came from another country! Give the little guy a shot; I promise you'll like him!

MySpace Monday Kris - Hunk du Jour

If you are near Redondo Beach be sure to check out the Earth Day 2008 Celebration this Wednesday Saturday, April 19th, 2008. The celebration is from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Kris will be helping out at the art contest so be sure to stop by and say hello!

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